Yoga Post 1007 – Who is a Yoga Student or a Teacher?

One person asked me, “Neel, how many yoga students do you have?” I said,”so far total 5″.

He said, “only 5? Then, why the hell you are doing the Yoga Teacher’s job?” I said, “because, I could only become a Yoga Teacher, not yet a Yoga Student”.

He said, “but you have so many certificates and qualifications”. I said, “yes, but they do not make you a Yoga Student, neither a Yoga Teacher”.

A student means a person who studies a given subject. This simply means that he/she spends more time on a given subject than on other subjects/activities. Thus, if you list all the time you spent each day on all different things, if the time for any given subject is more than the rest of the time, then only you are a student of that topic. And, what I mean is that you spend time studying that subject. In this way, I only know one Sanskrit student, that is my friend Dr. Thite, who did Sanskrit Translation of the Adhiyoga Sutras.

I shall let you decide what the definition of a Yoga Teacher is.

OM ShantiH.

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