Yoga Post 1005 – Simple Ways To Stay Happy

One person asked me, “Neel, the first chapter and the very first sutra of Adhiyoga is on happiness. You have written such a big treatise on this subject. Why do not you tell me in simple words how I can be happy in a much simpler way?”

Adhiyoga Sutras is a treatise for scholars as well as common people, of course they should be somewhat intelligent and sincerely interested. But, if you want a simple method to become and stay happy, please consider the following three:


– Earn enough for your food, clothing and shelter without taking any loan.

– Take sufficient sleep each day.

– Spend a lot of time in one or more of these: good music, laughing and gossiping about topics that make you and others happy.

He said, “Neel, you are crazy. That is way too simple. Is there any catch to this?”

Yes, there is. It will take some practice to stabilise into this method.

OM ShantiH.

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