Yoga Post 1004 – Doing What You Like

According to Indian Philosophy, one is born with a destiny. That means certain experiences that person is going to have are already destined.

But, at the same time, it also believes that a person has a freedom to act. And, this willed action will produce the future destiny. Additionally, if the willed action is very strong, then the new destiny shall be effected very shortly, and one does not have to wait till the next life.

The above fact is the basis of one’s practicing Yoga to achieve liberation in this very life. Yoga Sutras state about the Samadhi achievement, ‘tiivrasamvegaanaam aasannah’. This means, the Samadhi is achievable soon by those with strong intention and practice.

Well, whether one believes in the re-incarnation or the above theory or not, both are wishing to be happy in their life. Those who want to be liberated deliberately and those who want to be attached deliberately, and those who are attached automatically and those who want to be liberated automatically, all are trying to be happy in a way.

It is obvious that each one finds happiness in something or the other. The person who does not find happiness in anything does not exist. Even the person who commits suicide is trying to find happiness through that, but of course in a wrong way, because after the suicide he/she is not there to experience the happiness. Also, the very act of committing suicide never gives happiness.

So, what the hell am I trying to say?

What I am saying is that one gets happiness in some or the other act. And, it is their duty to perform that act so that they get the happiness. Now, each act requires some time. That means, one must give time to the act that gives them happiness. And, they must give sufficient time.

But, it is interesting that even in the modern world with all the conveniences and technology, one is giving insufficient time to the act that gives oneself the happiness, and giving too much time to other acts. No wonder their life is screwed up.

OM ShantiH.

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