Yoga Post 1003 – Need to give time to oneself

Many saints and yogis have indicated that the happiness we are searching is within ourselves. They have also indicated that we should try to realise it within ourselves. In some circles, this is called Self Realisation, and in some, Enlightenment. And, many a Yoga students are truly interested in such a realisation.

But, whey they do not seem to realise is that to realise oneself they should give time to oneself. Those who are interested in self realisation are intensely searching everywhere and not finding any time for themselves. When they do such a search, the only thing they find is that all the external places are great, but showing them only a way to go to themselves, meaning inside. But even then, they keep on going in the outside directions!

An interesting thing the mother nature has placed in us is that we are forced to give time to ourselves each day. And, that is when we find ourselves happy for sure. At least, we do not find ourselves dissatisfied or sad then. This is the time when we are in deep sleep. We know that when we do not get enough deep sleep, we tend to go into deep shit. So, why not we learn from what we have?

We have to give time to ourselves. Period. Then, we shall know what the hell we are doing. For example, how much money is in our pocket, how many Sun Salutations can we really do comfortably, how much time we can sit comfortably and steadily, what is our breathing pattern, what kind of thoughts linger in our mind, and whether we are going inwards or outwards, etc. In other words, whether we are going towards Self Realisation or against it!

OM ShantiH.

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