Yoga Post 1002 – Fighting with one’s Likes

I have a friend who told me, “Neel, I am not going to facebook anymore. Once I go there, I get lost and I realize how much time I wasted”.

When you go somewhere and you like it so much that you forget yourself, that is possibly one of the best thing that can happen. The fact that you spend a lot of time there without knowing how much time passed proves that you love that thing.

When you stop the very thing that you love, you have to be careful. You do not want to make your life miserable for sure.

What probably my friend means is that when he goes to facebook, he forgets to do other things that are also important to him. In this case, he can take several routes. First do the important things and then go to facebook. Or, go to facebook and stay there only for a predetermined time. ETC. If such a process is hard, that is not a problem. He should practice to become expert in this process.

If my friend does not go to a place that he loves, then the place will come into his mind while he is in another place. So, he will be fighting to take that place out of his mind. Thus, first he fights to go to a place. Then he fights to come out of the place. Also, if he decides not to go to a place, the place comes into his mind, and then he fights to take the place out of the mind. Both can be equally hard.

Does this happen in your Yoga Practice?

OM ShantiH.

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