IT Work


Neel Kulkarni has over 24 years of data processing experience. He has enjoyed work ranging from high level analysis/design to code level programming. He is strong at most of the skills listed here and is adept at independently carrying out any given project. He has worked on many projects taking them from conceptual stage through successful implementation. This work has involved requirements gathering, data analysis, data modeling, development in various languages and databases, lot of testing of large scale applications including formation of quality assurance plans; preparation of large scale unit test plans, systems test plans, regression test plans, performance test plans; and, actually carrying out this plans through implementation, documentation as well as training.  He possesses strong skills in user communication, analysis, design, and testing and, technical implementation. He is looking for projects which can utilize any of his skills.  References are available upon request for any of the projects for which he was employed.

Status, Availability, Clearances

U.S. Citizen, Currently active Secret Clearance, U. S. Customs Background Investigation Clearance, current Department of Housing Background Investigation Clearance, and Fairfax County Employment Clearance.

Educational Qualifications

B.S. and M.S. in Engineering with distinction, Indian Institute of
Technology, an internationally reputed institute of advanced learning.

Techniques and Training

Total Quality Management (Phil Crosby)
Information Engineering Facility (Analysis, Design, Technical Design,
Construction and Model Management)
Information Engineering Methodology (James Martin, Finkelstein)
Structured Analysis and Design (Yourdon, Demarco, Gane Sarson)
Structured Programming
JAVA (Java Intermediate, JAVA Advanced, JAVA Fast Track.)
Rational Rose


Government  Department of Defense Project Planning    Medication Control
Banking/Finance Telephone Directories   Customer Information
Insurance   Accounting  Investments
Order Entry Engineering US Army

Hardware/Operation Systems

HP 9000 with UNIX (1 year)
Sequent with UNIX 5 (1 year)
IBM PC with OS/2(4 years), Windows(7.5 years), Windows 95 (2.5 years), and
Windows NT(1 year)
IBM 360/370/3090/4381 with VM/CMS/MVS/TSO/OSVS (12.5 Years )
UNISYS (BURROUGS) 6700/5900/1800/90 with MCP/CMS (3 Years)
QUANTEL 5000 with CPM (1.5 Years)


TOTAL = 10 years of IEF/Composer/COOL:Gen, IEF 5.2, 5.31 (Composer by IEF)
(solid, 4.5 years), Composer 3 (solid,2.5 year), Composer 4/COOL-GEN 4.1a
(2.5 years); COOL:Gen 5.1 (6 months)
COOL:Biz (3 months)
IEW (0.5 years)
Erwin (1.5 years)
DB2, SQL-DS, QMF, Utilities, VSAM/ISAM (5 years)
DBM, DB2 FOR OS/2, Query Manager, Utilities (2 years)
ORACLE 7.x, Utilities, SQLPLUS, PL/SQL (5 years)
JAVA, HTML (1 year)
C (1 year), Visual C++ (1 year), C++ (1 year).
COBOL (10.5 years), PL1 (2 years), ASSEMBLER (IBM) (2 years), BASIC (1 year),
FORTRAN (2 years)
REXX, EXEC2, CLIST, JCL, JOL (9 years)
SAS (4.0 years)
IMS DB/DC, HOGAN (1 year)
MS SQL Server (1 year)
Sybase (6 months)
MS Access (3 years)

Employment History

Title: Senior Systems and Enterprise Architect
May 2007 – March 2008
Kforce Government Solutions, Virginia, U.S.A.

The project was to develop Enterprise Architecture of
the Kforce Corporation and also use it later for the
Government Organizations in terms of Methodology, etc.
Used Erwin case tool for modelling. Also, used Visio
software for drawing diagrams. Used MS Access Database
for formulating Meta Data Registry. MS Excel was also exploited heavily for documentation. Actual
accomplishments were:

Developed Conceptual Data Model for the Defence
Intelligence Agency. Independently developed the first
version. Later finished it with a team of other
architects and the customer experts.

Developed Conceptual and Logical Data Model of the
Kforce Enterprise in a team environment, in a lead
role. Interviewed the subject matter experts,
performed JAD sessions, prepared Business Architecture
using Functional Diagrams of Birthday Cake, Process
Flow Diagrams, Swim Lanes, Data Flow Diagrams, etc.
Prepared Data Arcitecture using the Data Model in
Erwin. Integrated both of them. Did the current
systems and to be analysis.

Unfortunately, the project was closed due to funding
stoppage for non billable projects.

Title: Senior Data Analsyst and Database Admin
September 2006 – February 2007
Department of Housing, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
Responsible for all technical aspects such as application development, maintenance, database management, data analysis, providing technical help to rest of the team, etc. for the Research and Development of the Public Housing section of the Department of Housing, USA. The work was mostly done using the MS SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase, ASP, VB Script, etc.

Senior Data Analyst Consultant
March 2006 – September 2006
Fannie Mae, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Participated in Data Analysis, Development, Testing related to Restatement project for restating finances of several years in a short time frame. Used SAS, Oracle, SQL, MS EXCEL software to achieve this. The project dealing with Credit Enhancements portion of Fair Valuation was completed in the given time frame.

Senior Systems Analyst – Software Development Methodology and Testing
January 2003 – January 2006
MSTD Inc, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Provide a software testing support mostly from home for the Mortgage Mitigation software developed by MSTD. Prepare test plans, test data, advise any improvements in design, and small amount of documentation. At the beginning of this work, prepared system design and testing procedures for the software development team.

Senior Information Engineer (Data Analyst and Construction)
September 2001  – September 2002
The National Guard, U.S.A.

The development of enterprise applications for staff management, physical fitness monitoring, aircraft maintenance, etc. using COOL:Gen CASE Tools.  Prepared Standards and Procedures Handbook for the full life cycle application development.  Full life cycle development including requirements analysis, quality assurance plan, and implementation plan.

Senior Data Modeller
July 2000- September 2001
Internal Revenue Service, U.S.A.

Performed requirements collection for a very large Government Enterprise Modernization Project.  The activities included interviewing subject matter experts, analysis of current practices and future requirements, joint requirements planning, presentation to large audiences, and documentation of Use Cases in Rational Rose Toolset.

Senior Information Engineer – Case Tool Technologies
September 1999 – June 2000
Booz Allan & Hamilton, U.S.A.

Analyzed Information Technology Architecture for the Department of Veterans Administration.   This project was cancelled after 6 months.

Senior Information Enginner – Data Modelling and Construction
September 1998 – August 1999
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The project was development of Order Entry Management System which tracks the Orders for Patents and Trademarks at U.S. PTO.  The system was developed
using COOL:Gen CASE Tool, UNIX/C, COBOL 74, and UNIFY Vision Web Development CASE Tool, for Implementation on Windows NT, UNIX, and A16 mainframe, in a
Client Server and Internet Environments.  Performed user requirements study, analysis, design, some COOL:Gen Development, some UNX/C development,
COBOL 74 development, Review integration testing, and formal user training. A major phase of the project, OEMS2.0 was developed, passed all the technical reviews, and is implemented at the present time.  Also, performed analysis, design, and development of Interface between two U.S. PTO applications, called P2MP and CSIR.

Senior Information Engineering Consultant – Data and Process Modelling, and Construction
February 1997 – September 1998
Bureau of Census, U.S.A.

The project was development of an online cum batch Export System which provides for electronic filing of export declarations, monitoring of export information to ensure compliance with export regulations, production of trade statistics for policy decisions affecting U.S. economy, collection of harbor maintenance fees, and improved services for American Exporters.  This system of national importance called Automated Export System (AES) is a joint venture amongst number of government agencies such as Bureau of Census, U.S. Customs Services, Department of State, Bureau of Export Administration, Depart of Energy Administration, etc.  The system is developed using Composer 3 CASE Tools, for implementation on IBM Mainframe.   In 1996, the core functionality and interface for the Bureau of Census were implemented. Major additional features were developed and implemented in 1997 and by mid 1998.  Interface for the Department of State was developed and implemented in 1998. Interfaces for other agencies and other major features would be developed later. Performed user requirements study, analysis, design, composer development, integration testing, technical guidance to composer developers, and support to the Quality Assurance Team.  Online and batch procedures to the application implemented so far, including supporting full life cycle development work. Again, performed single handed, a review Integration Testing of the entire Department of State Interface which has now been implemented.  During this review, suggested many improvements to design and system development procedures which have impacted the entire project positively.  Additionally, provided production support to the Interface with the Bureau of Census.  The application environment was COBOL, DB2, CICS on IBM Mainframe.

Senior Information Engineering Consultatnt – Data and Process Modelling, and Methodology Expert
July 1996 – January 1997
National Association of Securities Dealers, U.S.A.

The project was development of an online Client Server Filing System for broker member organizations using Composer 3 CASE Tools on Windows NT, for implementation in Windows/UNIX Client Server environment with ORACLE 7.2 database.  Windows NT desktop was fully exploited for development, including ORACLE for NT, ORACLE utilities, ODBC, Visual C++, MS ACCESS, etc.  Also, UNIX/ORACLE and utilities were fully exploited. Composer 3 environment included Composer 3 for NT workstation toolset, Client Server Encyclopedia, Server Gen, UNIX Implemetation Toolset, GrAF, etc..  Analysis of requirements, modelling, design, and Composer development were completed in the scheduled tight time frame.  Joint Application Development was employed by a team of  strong Composer developers, a Tandem developer, a Quality Assurance Specialist, a project manager, and end users.  Some development of externals was done in C language using Visual C++ compiler.   Again, some preparatory study was done of ORACLE Developer 2000 for future development of reporting module.  Study of Composer 4 version of CASE Tools was done due to foreseen deployment in 1997.

Senior Information Engineer – Data Modelling and Construction
March 1996 – July 1996
United States Army, U.S.A.

The project was development of Ammunition Tracking System using Composer 3. Provided technical lead to a team of 7 developers, including methodology support, model administration, training, problem solving, and actual application development. Completed design and development of an entire business system within a very aggressive time frame.

June 1995 – March 1996
National Association of Securities Dealers, U.S.A.

The first project was a development of Central Registration Depository
System for member organizations using IEF 5.31 (Composer by IEF) CASE Tools  Joint Application Development (JAD) was utilized. The second project was providing Information Engineering Methodology and Information Engineering Tools support to the IEF/Composer Development Projects within NASD. Also, provided Model Administration support using Encyclopedia.  Additional responsibilities included communication with Texas Instruments, obtaining PTFs, and evaluation of beta/alpha versions of emerging TI products.  Completed evaluation of the Composer-3.

Technical Lead – TRACKS project – Data Modelling, Methodolgy, Process Modelling, and Full Life Cycle Development
January 1993 – May 1995
Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S.A.

The first project was development of Rental Assistance Contract System using IEF CASE Tools for implementation on the IBM Mainframe with DB2 database and CICS online environment. The system automates highly complex business of developing contracts between Department of Housing and Housing Authorities, and involves complex business rules.  Successful completion of the full life cycle development including Business Area Analysis, Business System Design, Technical Design, Construction, Testing, some Model Management, analysis/design, prototyping, and some DB2 support. Joint Requirements Planning (JRP) and Joint Applications Development (JAD) were fully exploited. Outstanding performance was recorded for contributing over half of the total development done by a team of 9 developers; including:
-methodology support.
-major contributions to the design of the system
-major contribution of the innovative ideas and procedures resulting in tremendous productivity, better design, and better system performance.
-major technical support to this and other development teams.
-technical task leadership and technical reviews.
-quality assurance plan, testing, and implemementation

Other projects included assisting development of the Report Module of the

Public Inquiry System using the IEF CASE Tools. Development was done from home, other activities being similar to the above project.  The development of an Integrated Business System using the IEF CASE Tools for the Public and Indian Housing division of the Department of Housing. Played a major role in designing the application architecture of this system.  Lastly, conducted an evaluation of Composer by IEF (IEF 5.31), as a development platform for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Played a major role in preparing the Evaluation Plan. Also, prepared white papers on RAD, RAP, and other methodologies to be followed at the Housing.

Senior Programmer – Database Systems January 1991 – December 1992
Mobil Corporation, U.S.A.

The project was enhancement of the Corporate Telephone and E-mail Directory systems on IBM 3090 mainframe using SQL-DS, DB2, SQL, REXX and, ISPF Dialog Manager. A major development of Electronic Mail Directory system was completed. Many long awaited major and minor enhancements were completed in addition to regular production support. Fully responsible for this project. Performed user liaison, analysis, design, programming and database administration, systems testing, etc.

Senior SAS Programmer
September 1990 – October 1990 NABISCO FOODS Corporation, U.S.A.

The project was a fixed-time (turnkey), fixed-cost development of a Machine Utilization Reporting System on IBM 3090 mainframe using SAS, TSO and, CLIST. Developed, tested and implemented the application with over 45 tabular and 25 graphical reports within a period of 3 weeks due an emergency requirement.

Senior Systems Analyst Programmer
October 1988 – August 1990 Continental Insurance Company, U.S.A.

The project was development and maintenance of Investment Accounting and Management Systems on IBM 3090 mainframe using SAS, PL1, COBOL, DB2, SQL, QMF, CSP, CICS and, on IBM PS/2 using DBASE III/FOXBASE+. The system is complex with over 1000 major programs. Made significant contributions in modification of the accounting system, evaluation of an effort for DB2 conversion, streamlining of Securities Pricing System (this resulted in enormous savings in financial, human and time resources), and enhancements to managers Trade Reporting System. Additionally, provided innovative solutions to numerous problems. Performed extensive analysis, design, and program development, systems test plan preparation.

Senior Data Modeller and Architect, and Evaluator
April 1988 – July 1988 Reader’s Digest Association, U.S.A.

The project was development of a major Customer Information Management System using IEW(Information  Engineering Workbench) CASE Tools. Performed high level design and made decisions related to transition from analysis to design. Performed and reviewed Business Area Analysis. Invented and developed a creative system for an automated trace of business through analysis and design models.

Senior Database Systems Programmer – ADABASE/NATURAL
December 1987 – April 1988 TASMAN Paper and Pulp Company, New Zealand

The project was a fixed-time development of a Housing Finance System on IBM mainframe using ADABASE/NATURAL and COMPLETE. As an independent consultant, carried out the user requirements collection, system specifications, program construction, system/user testing support, prototyping and, implementation. As a result of this success, other turnkey projects were offered which were not accepted due to the overseas move.

Senior Project Leader – Application Development
April 1987 – November 1987

New Zealand Railways Corporation, New Zealand Performed the project leadership for development of a number of accounting systems such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Claims, Capital Expenditure, etc. on IBM 4381 mainframe using TSO, CLIST, SAS, COBOL and, related software. Supervised a number of developments and amendments to the systems. The work included user liaison, user training, management of and technical guidance to a team of analyst/ programmers, etc.. Introduced usage of SAS. Work was completed ahead of schedule of one year.

Data and Process Modeller
March 1986 – March 1987
Databank Systems Ltd. , New Zealand

The project was development of major Integrated Banking Information System using Information Engineering Methodology. Received formal training in Information Engineering Methodology and related subjects such as joint requirements planning (JRP) and joint applications development (JAD), consulting and interviewing skills, data modeling, meeting management, process modeling, prototyping, etc. Was fully responsible for the user requirements collection, data modeling and process modeling, prototyping for the Check Stop Payment System. Despite the changes in the team organization and methodology, the project was completed on the target date.

Systems Analyst/Programmer February 1984 – October 1985
New Zealand Post Office, New Zealand

The project was development of White and Yellow Pages Telephone Directories Systems on IBM3090 mainframe using ISPF, TSO, CLISTs, COBOL, ASSEMBLER, VSAM/ISAM and related software. Lead the team of analyst/programmers for and also participated in the development of major enhancements. Discovered and implemented many innovative enhancements resulting in major savings and user friendly applications. Carried out a number of feasibility studies.

Internatinoal Consultant
July 1981 – February 1984 Tata Consultancy Services, India

Worked on many contract analyst/programming assignments for inland and overseas organizations including Bank of Baroda in India, Western Trust Ltd. in U.K., Pharmacies in Holland, Government of Indonesia, etc.. The work was done mainly on IBM and UNISYS(BURROUGHS) mainframes using COBOL, CICS, PL1, ISPF, VSAM, ISAM, ADABASE/NATURAL, DB2, JCL/CLIST/REXX/EXEC2.

Engineering Student
July 1979 – July 1981 Indian Institute of Technology, India

Master’s thesis work on IBM 370 and BURROUGHS 6700; a recognized research.