What is Adhiyoga

The Adhiyoga System of Neel Kulkarni

AdhiyogaforRestonAdhiyoga – Authentic Yoga System was formed by Neel Kulkarni in 1998. It is a unique integration of Classical Yoga, modern Health Science, Psychology, Arts, and associated subjects. It includes Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Yoga Exercise, Breathing Exercise, Chanting, Therapy, Teaching Methodologies, and associated practices. The Adhiyoga System is documented in the book, “Adhiyoga – Authentic Yoga System of Neel Kulkarni” Adhiyoga Teacher Training course is extremely intensive and it involves solid classwork, self practice, and teaching.

The book Adhiyoga is a comprehensive guide to the 21st century Yoga student. This book contains original Authentic Yoga Sutras of Neel Kulkarni (first published in 2013), commentary in English by the Author, tips on creating effective Yoga practice, choice of paths, precautions, correction of misunderstanding, simplification of complex philosophical ideas, health fitness, and experience of numerous students as a proof of concept. Also, available in Italian, Spanish and Marathi.

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