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Natalie Barbir, Yoga Teacher, Sydney, Australia

Dear Neel Kulkarni - bahut dhanyavad for making my wishes to see and touch the waters of the ganga mata possible! Your curious and endearing nature made our trip nothing short of magical - I truly had an incredible experience - and the photos will forever be a beautiful reminder! Not only did I get to see the ganga at Rishikesh but we drove 7 hours into the Himalayas to get even closer to the mother source - wow! And on the way down we even got to meet a sadhu - unbelievable - and during the whole trip you very kindly and patiently imparted your yogic wisdom and knowledge with me. We did so much which I just wouldn't have experienced on my own or with another foreigner - you really made my first trip to Rishikesh and the Himalayas unforgettable. Next year if all goes according to plan you and I will be off to Kerala!"

"What an adventure! The energy experienced at the Rishikesh ganga aarti was truly magical - the bhajans, the prayers, the fire ceremony - I have never felt more welcomed and been surrounded by so much love. No wonder the Beatles wrote some of their best music here! Although I'm still wondering why when I placed my offering into the ganga it went into a head spin and started travelling upstream - ha?!? Thanks again Neel Kulkarni for the wonderful memories!"

Natalie Barbir, Yoga Teacher, Sydney, Australia

Chanting during India Yoga Tours

If you would like an insider's trip to India, Neel is your guide. He was very accommodating and flexible in designing the trip around what places or types of experiences you would like to have. Also his wonderful family were instrumental in making arrangements and hosting us with a genuine, heartfelt welcome.

Neel seems to have boundless energy and joy; many morings he was up at dawn and had 2 cups of tea by the time we crawled out of bed at 8:30. Thus, for your preparatory discussions with him, I recommend that you discuss what you know about your endurance, especially for long un-airconditioned road trips, overall energy/health and ability to handle heat with lots of clothes.

We enjoyed and learned alot from his private yoga classes designed to meet what he so correctly saw as our needs. They kept our minds and bodies engaged, gave energy for the day and helped us unwind in the evening. I also greatly appreciated the sometimes mobile chanting lessons in the Yoga Sutras. It was one of the most intense and unique practices in concentration and listening, I have ever had.

We saw a lot of temples, which allowed us to see first hand the Vedas in action. This was mind blowing for a long time yoga student and reader of scriptures and commentaries to see the attitudes and beliefs in daily life all over the country. They aren't just nice ideas. They live and breathe! I also appreciated being able to witness many unusual (at least to us) events at temples, from exotic musical performances to pampered live animal idols to statues so real, so old and so incredibly crafted from gigantic pieces of rock, it feels like a sophisticated Stone Henge.

It was also great to tour organic ayervedic farms and see that this art is alive and well and its products are cheap and available everywhere. I highly reccommend getting an ayervedic massage along the way-you will be in bliss for a few days after!

Finally, we really appreciated not staying at posh and isolated places, which would drain our bank accounts, but having a chance to stay in cheap, clean places where everyday folk stay. Pulling into local restaurants to have lunch off of banana leaves or staying at an ashram were very memorable and unpretentious. We felt like we experienced real culture everywhere we went. Shopping also was a fun adventure. Customer service was incredibly helpful everywhere and goods were very cheap. Traveling on the cheap was not without some challenges and mild discomfort, but kept us on our toes and felt like an adventure. Everywhere we went people were kind, open, generous, funny and helpful. We even excahnged impromtu performances with a group of 13 year old girls who became our new fans!

Overall if you want to see the real India, not some sterile resort, and have an extremely memorable, challenging, suprising and fun time, go with Neel!

Allegra Gulino - Senior Yoga Teacher, American University, Washington DC


Vanessa Bodley, Madison, WI, USA

I just completed my teacher training in Pune with Neel Kulkarni, his teaching style is very unique, authentic and is based solely on the needs and ability of the individual. My own practice has progressed tremendously while studying with Neel due to understanding of his concepts, his innovative way of using his surroundings to teach and the building of each posture. While immersed in the Indian culture I was able to meet Sanskrit and Vedic scholars which helped enhance my knowledge and understanding of yoga philosophy. Yoga is a life long practice that requires discipline and patiences, with Neel's teachings and guidance I have more confidence within myself to pass this knowledge to others and to further explore the path of yoga. Neel has a wonderful personality and is a genuine teacher, I am unable to thank him enough for this life altering experience.

Vanessa Bodley
Madison, WI

Vanessa Bodley

Melanie Savia, Virginia Commonwealth University, U.S.A.

April 14, 2012

I have recently completed Neel Kulkarni’s teacher training course and would suggest this program to any serious yoga student. I began teacher training via Skype from Virginia, U.S.A. whereas Neel was teaching from his Yoga School in Pune, India. As an university student, I am very lucky to have found both, a flexible schedule and a valued knowledge. I quickly made use of Neel’s Yoga philosophy inside and outside my yoga exercise. As time passed the spectrum of yoga subjects broadened and I found myself swimming in learned yoga concepts and deeper curiosity. This curiosity led me to the purchase of three week long journey to India over my winter holidays. Such a fortunate opportunity has given me a glimpse of the deep rooted culture in India, that has hidden inside its carved temples and disguised in flawless Sanskrit script. Neel introduced me to many sincere yoga students from all over the world and filled my mornings and evenings with classes to teach. Neel has graced me with an irreplaceable experience that words can not accurately convey. I am proud to continue my path in yoga coming from a system that has upheld even the “authenticity” of its name.

Melanie Savia

Virginia Commonwealth University, U.S.A.

January, 2012

Melanie Savia

Chinmayee Pai, Cummins Engineering College, Pune, India

I recently did teacher training with neel kulkarni . Oh wait… let me tell you my story. I was doing my yoga practices since 5 years. But I always felt a need for an experienced yoga teacher. I met Neel in Pune. That time, I wanted to join general group classes. But as I started gaining interest in yoga, he suggested me to consider the teachers training . At first I dint get it, ”why need of teacher training so early?”. But as the teacher training started, I started getting an understanding of the concepts of Neel’s Authentic Yoga System. He taught me to get into deepness of the pose, observing from inside, and a lot more. I would never have understood the importance of yoga philosophy if it weren’t for Neel. Teacher training was a wonderful experience that included learning yoga concepts, giving classes and visiting historical places that are important from yogic point of view. I must say that Neel’s style of teacher training is very unique. Anyone who is interested and sincere can do this training. Its not like if you do headstand then you are good student. It depends on one’s seriousness and ability to pick up more and more from the yoga study. Well, I wish him all the best (and may he breathe well J )

Chinmayee Pai

Cummins Engineering College, Pune, India

January, 2012

Chinmayee Pai