Testimonials - Yoga for Psychological Issues

Raju Jain - Shopkeeper, Pune

I am Raju Jain (ph: 8087686727). I was told by my doctor that I have a problem of blood pressure (B.P.) during the Blood Donation camp. I was prescribed medicine that I was taking. But, I knew the side effects of such a medicine to be the worst. I was worried about my condition. On discussion with many friends, I was told that Meditation and Yoga would be the best solution. I bought three books on Yoga, but I was not getting much through them. I needed a Guru for it, a "perfect Guru". God sent me Kulkarni Sir. Within two or three of his statements, I made up my mind. He is the perfect Yoga Mahaguru in the world, I guess.

I took 5 private lessons. I lost 8 Kilos of weight in 2 months and I feel so light! I have totally given up the B.P. medication a month ago. I look young and feel energetic. My family is very happy. I am sure taking private lessons is more effective in such a case.

I am very thankful to Neel Kulkarni Sir for making me his student. He also gave me meditation instruction that matches my Jain Religion and made my mind peaceful, without worries and focussed on Mahavir Jain!

Raju Jain

8 February 2017

Mark Stenhoff, Physicist, London

I have suffered with insomnia throughout my life. Six months ago, Neel Kulkarni recommended that I try listening to a loop recording of a tanpura playing a C. He said that I should do this for 1-3 months and not discuss it with anyone. My sleep patterns have considerably improved. I continue to use the recording now to maintain good sleep patterns. Mark Stenhoff, BSc MPhil CPhys MinstP FRMetS FRAS, physicist.'

Mark Stenhoff

A private student - names removed

Dear Neel,
I am sorry we missed you this past weekend. We were celebrating Easter and my mother's birthday with family. It was a very sweet gathering. I hope your new job in DC is going well. You have been in my thoughts lately as I have been feeling much gratitude for our talk together earlier this year. This semester at school has been very special for me. As I come to the last two weeks of classes and finishing assignments I realize how much peace I have had through all the events of the semester. My stress disappeared and instead I have been able to focus and get my work done without worry. When I have noticed stress start to rise in me, I have been able to quickly shift to peace and move forward with focus. I am deeply grateful for the time we spent together that morning and for your wisdom shared with me. You assisted me in making this conscious shift so effortlessly and beautifully. Thank you, Neel. You are a very special gift in my life and I know my husband feels likewise. We look forward to spending more time with you and Nancy when I finish school (May 4 is my last day!).


George Mason University, Spring 2005, Fairfax, Virginia

Hello Neel,
I was in your GMU Friday night Yoga class.  I enjoyed the class very much.  I feel privileged to have learned from such an experienced and knowledgable teacher.  The yoga classes helped me in many ways.  My friends and family noticed a change in my stressful life as I became a happier and more relaxed person.   Also, I feel healthier and stronger.  I would like to continue taking your classes.  Where will you be teaching this summer?
Thank you,
Neha Shah

Here is my feedback regarding the Yoga class:
(1) After each class I felt quite energized and relaxed. It has been great for both my mind and body. It helped improve my flexibility and control over my mind and body.
(2) I would like to have this class twice a week, to get more practice and more workout.
(3) It would be nice to have a quiter room assigned to this Yoga class, which does not face the swimming-pool (if at all possible).
(4) I (finally) managed to listen to the CD with the relaxing techniques..Relaxation For Meditation using Authentic Yoga System. Very effective!
Here is the feedback for the GMU class.
"I have been taking Neel's yoga classes for almost 3 years and continue to enjoy individualized exercises; the classes are tailored according to students' needs and goals. Neel got me hooked on yoga. I would prefer GMU yoga classes meeting twice a week. Just once
a week is not sufficient."

George Mason University

Ashka Soni, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I personally feel that neel's class is very special since it not only gives u fitness but he also helps to give emotional stability in your life . Also he is a inspiration to us all since he is a very hardworking person himself . Apart from all that whenever he makes you feel that you are part of family . A lot of places can give you weight loss or whatever else you are looking for but he teaches you to always keep smiling . thank u neel

27 December 2011

Ashka Soni

Ashna Bhatia, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I think Neel is very nice as a person . He is not just a yoga teacher in my life but my mentor ,who gave my life new aspects .He is a keen observer .I am a very careless person from my nature and I never used to accept my mistakes. Within the one hour daily class Neel observed all these flaws in me and helped me to get rid of them . I am really blessed to have him in my life....

28 December 2011

Ashna Bhatia

Ellen H, School Teacher, Vienna, Virginia, USA

Hi Neel,
Tuesday evening Yoga at Evolution: Yoga not only helps strengthen the body but nurtures the spirit. It is a wonderful discipline for young and old alike.


Hi Neel,
Many thanks for your kind note. Yes, I must ascribe some of the credit to your Yoga class! There is an authenticity to your class which makes it a meaningful experience. It has, indeed, helped me to improve my mental and physical well being. There is much to learn...
Kind regards,
Ellen H


Ellen H

Jagadish, IT Professional, Michigan, U.S.A.

Dear Neel,
I have strictly followed your suggestions for the last three months and I observed significant changes. My sleep quality has improved, and I am more relaxed and balanced now. I thank you very much for your guidance. There is still one issue that is generating stress and anxiety. That is my job. xxxxxxIn the past, I would crumble under stress, but now I am still ok but I can clearly see that it is balancing the benefits I am getting from my practice. What should I do? Could you please suggest anything?
4/ 4/2007


George Mason University - Fall 2006, Fairax, Virginia, USA

This semester I acheived both stress relief and weight loss while taking yoga. The classes helped me keep my anxiety and stress level low, helped me clear my mind and also helped my body by aiding me in loosing 7 pounds over the last few months. If you want a class that will challenge you both mentally and physically, I recomend Neel's yoga class. -
Antonia, 21


Drs. Menetta Myers, Clinical Psychologist, Virginia

Feedback:  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student of yoga under the direction of Neel Kulkarni.  His dedication to a yoga lifestyle comes across in his knowledge of philosophy, meditation, Hatha yoga, and a variety of other subjects.  Yoga has helped me to feel more centered and better able to manage stress.  I also feel physically stronger and healthier.  I would recommend Authentic Yoga to anybody interested in learning yoga from a true Yogi.  Neel can adjust his teachings to any experience level and any special need-even in a classroom with several students.
Menetta Myers


I have been practicing yoga (including meditation and philosophy) under the guidance of Neel for almost 3 years now.  Initially, I forced myself to go because I needed an outlet for work related stress and a friend suggested that yoga might be beneficial.  Currently, I am much more motivated to attend class, partly because of the benefits I have noticed and partly because of Neel's enthusiasm and dedication to the teaching of yoga.  Neel has taken me under his wing and provided me with encouragement and support while gently nudging me to push my limits and work toward my goal.  He is extremely attentive to the needs of each of his students and he develops the overall goal of the class based on the personal goals of each student.  He caters his lectures and practice to the class goal and he is flexible when new topics are suggested by his students.  He is knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and he is able communicate complex philosophical concepts in an easily understandable manner.  From my observations, he is willing and able to answer any questions from his students and address any concerns that are presented to him. In between classes or for private concerns, he is accessible by email and will respond promptly.  Neel is genuinely invested in yoga as a lifestyle and it shows in his style of teaching and his interactions with his students.  I feel fortunate that my introduction to yoga was with Neel and I plan to continue this journey with him as my guide.


I have been practicing Yoga under Neel's supervision for approximately two years. I appreciate the individual attention I receive from Neel, even in group classes. He helps each student to identify and attain their goals. My personal goal is stress reduction and I have been able to reach and maintain that goal by practicing with Neel regularly and listening to the information he offers on Nutrition, Yoga Practice, Meditation, and Philosophy. He has a vast knowledge base and he has a way of pushing me to stay motivated without making me feel overwhelmed. I am very pleased with the progress I have made and surprised by what I have been able to get my body to do!


Drs. Menetta Myers

Linda Lasley, Northern VA Community College, Virginia

a)Was the objective of the class met?  My goal was stress reduction.   I achieved this through learning new yoga positions.  b) Level of Instructor Knowledge. Superior.  c) Ability of Instructor communication.  Excellent.  Always answered questions and provided additional information.  d) Instructor's willingness to communicate.  Excellent.  Before, after and during class the instructor made himself available to answer questions. e) Would you like to recommend this class to another?  Definitely. f) Would you take another class from this instructor.  Definitely and have made plans to do so. g) Any other comments.  Wonderful class. h) How did you learn about this class.  College sent "flyer" to my home regarding available courses.


Linda Lasley