Testimonials - Private Yoga Class

Mr. Mane - Roadside Shopkeeper (age 43)

I approached Neel Kulkarni Sir as I had been facing extreme constipation problem for many years. Also, I have been a patient of Psoriasis and have been suffering with weakness including fainting for few years. I met Neel Sir on the road and he kindly gave me a free lesson a month ago. I followed his dietary and other lifestyle guidelines. Today, my constipation problem is much less and I get good motion every other day. My psoriasis is definitely reducing fast and my skin including facial is glowing. Energy level is better. I am now taking further instructions from Neel Sir.

22 December 2017



Vilas Supekar - Rickshaw Driver, Pune

I met Neel Kulkarni in the winter of 2016 as he travelled in my Rickshaw, a three wheeler scooter. I learnt he is a Yoga Teacher and I informed me of a serious problem I had. I was suffering from nervous shocks in my neck and related discomfort. A very well known and large hospital in Pune City examined me and informed me that I had gaps in the cervical vertebrae and there was no solution to my problem, except possibly a surgery. I was terrified by this news. Also, the expenses involved were out of my reach.

Luckily I met Dr. Neel Kulkarni in the Rickshaw. He kindly took me to his home and taught few exercises that would take 10 to 20 min a day. He gave some general guidelines. I followed his advice and exercises regularly. To my great surprise, it is now a year's time and my problem is completely resolved. Of course, I continue his exercises daily. I have not taken any medicine or medical advice since I met him.

He saved me a great trouble, fitness wise and finance wise. May God Bless Him.

Vilas Supekar

Ph: 8180858001

5 November 2017

Raju Jain - Shopkeeper, Pune

I am Raju Jain (ph: 8087686727). I was told by my doctor that I have a problem of blood pressure (B.P.) during the Blood Donation camp. I was prescribed medicine that I was taking. But, I knew the side effects of such a medicine to be the worst. I was worried about my condition. On discussion with many friends, I was told that Meditation and Yoga would be the best solution. I bought three books on Yoga, but I was not getting much through them. I needed a Guru for it, a "perfect Guru". God sent me Kulkarni Sir. Within two or three of his statements, I made up my mind. He is the perfect Yoga Mahaguru in the world, I guess.

I took 5 private lessons. I lost 8 Kilos of weight in 2 months and I feel so light! I have totally given up the B.P. medication a month ago. I look young and feel energetic. My family is very happy. I am sure taking private lessons is more effective in such a case.

I am very thankful to Neel Kulkarni Sir for making me his student. He also gave me meditation instruction that matches my Jain Religion and made my mind peaceful, without worries and focussed on Mahavir Jain!

Raju Jain

8 February 2017

Ravindra Kukade, Civil Engineer, Pune

My experience during Yoga tught by Neel sir.......
I was suffering multiple pain at lower back. Doctor was not sure when this pain will be cured. I was helpless. My weight had also considerably increased.
On 10th November 2016 Mr.Neel sir luckily met me near his residence. I expressed my wish to have therapeutic yoga for pain & weight reduction. He examined my condition. Then started the therapy from next day.
It is now almost 37 days over for the therapy, pain has reduced. I have lost almost 8.5 kg of the weight.During this weight reduction program I am not feeling tired or Hungry. It is happening very easily. I had tried many options in past, but I was not able to reduce so much of weight.
Thanks to Neel sir for helping me.
Ravindra Kukade

Deepak Kulkarni, Business, India

Neel Sir,
I am very lucky to have a yoga teacher like you! As you know I had massive heart attack on 13 Feb 2016. One day my daughter in law asked me to meet you for recovery and fitness post heart attack. After discussion you taught me yoga for 15 days and gave me some diet instructions for fast recovery. I did all yoga exercises and also followed all your diet instructions. As you had said, in 6 months, there was a tremendous change in my body!
I became much fit and fine! In fact, so many people told me that I look very young and handsome! I am extremely thankful to you for your training of yoga. I appeal to everyone – please start doing Yoga for at least 20 mins a day for a better health !

Further: I started further Yoga Training with you on 15 September till to-date. And, I have gained further flexibility, loss of weight and deeper understanding of Yoga. This is prompting to enter Yoga Teaching profession. One of my close friend also joined you after seeing my progress.

Filippo Lo Gatto, Physiotherapist, Italy

I met Neel in the Summer of 2015. I immediately realised his authenticity as a Yoga Teacher. I got physical and mental benefits from the classes I took with him. With time, he proved to be a great friend in addition to being a great teacher. So, I decided to join his teacher training. I studied in London for a month and in France for a half.

In London, Neel's location was very far from my location. Therefore, reaching him was not regular in time. But, he was always available to me with dedication. In addition to strong teaching skills, I learnt a lot about myself, physically as well as mentally. Neel has training and experience necessary to provide knowledge of yoga in all its aspects, thus preparing student for optimal individual as well as teaching practice.

The last 15 days we spent in a wonderful place in the north of France: fresh air, lots of green, rooms suitable to the practice and the right company helped make the perfect workout.  This was in addition to  the continuous supervision of the teacher. I was benefitted with sharing studies and practice with highly talented and enthusiastic trainees.  The experience was extremely positive.

Thanks for the opportunity that Neel has given me and for his sincere friendship. I wish him the best of luck and the greatest happiness possible; that his desires come true and may he always continue to teach with passion and with happy face.  May the winds always be in his favour.

Namaste '
Filippo Lo Gatto

Anna Sobczak, Napoli

Maestro, I still need to thank you for the teaching you gave me - even if it was short and improvised, it had great impact on the quality of the 2 positions and on somę concepts I barely knew. I realized that I this was teaching on a totally different level than I usually experience, and it gave me great motivation to study yoga much more profoundly! All the best, have a good time in Avellino!

Wes Linch, Senior Yoga Teacher, California

I would like to offer my heartfelt appreciation for Neel's guidance and teaching of Yoga philosophy as well as it's ancillary sciences. What makes Neel's teaching so unique is his broader understanding of how Yoga fits into the greater picture of India's vast philosophical tradition. When studying a subject such as Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, one cannot isolate the teachings from subjects such as Samkhya and Sanskrit. Most modern day teachers do not have adequate understanding of these other subjects, therefore the presentation of Yoga darshana is lacking.  This is where Neel truly shines as a teacher.  He has a gift of unwrapping the teachings in a clear and precise manner, relating it back to the bigger picture, and then making it relevant and palatable for the modern day yogi. Thank you Neel!

Wes Linch
Certified Yoga Instructor

Wes Linch

Marison Fusion, Yoga Teacher, California


You might be asking yourself “why” study yoga philosophy? Maybe I should just focus on the poses…..but for me combining the poses, Sanskrit, and philosophy, it brought depth into my practice. Studying the sutras will enhance your practice and you will see it grow. These "threads" (as sutra translates from Sanskrit) of wisdom offer guidelines for living a meaningful and purposeful life.

If you have the opportunity to study The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Neel…do it! You will learn so much; Neel does a great job explaining each sutra in depth and clarifies any misunderstanding. The examination of yoga theory will open up a whole new world of perspective and understanding for your practice. I learned that exploring these sutras helps us grow as human beings. I encourage you to deepen your practice and begin this journey!


Merry Soul

Teacher Training Student (Spring 2016)

Marisol Fusion
Yoga Teacher, California

Mark Stenhoff, Physicist, London

I have suffered with insomnia throughout my life. Six months ago, Neel Kulkarni recommended that I try listening to a loop recording of a tanpura playing a C. He said that I should do this for 1-3 months and not discuss it with anyone. My sleep patterns have considerably improved. I continue to use the recording now to maintain good sleep patterns. Mark Stenhoff, BSc MPhil CPhys MinstP FRMetS FRAS, physicist.'

Mark Stenhoff

Slava, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Testimonial after 3 months of Yoga Practice.

After 3 months of regular (everyday, no exceptions) Yoga Practice I noticed that my life has changed. These changes occurred so smoothly and naturally that result could be determined only after looking into the past.

So firstly, I became slimmer. I do not know how many kgs I lost because I have not used scales for a long time. However, surrounding people say that I became slimmer. The same thing says my old clothes that became too big for me.

Secondly, I became stronger and hardier.

Thirdly, I became more stretched and flexible. Now I can reach by my hands those parts of my body that was unreachable before.

Fourthly, and the most importantly, my mind became more clear and calm. I can easily make decisions without doubt. I stopped to argue with people. I find it very easy to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome of conversation. That helps me to increase results in my business because all negotiations became more efficient. In addition, my relationships with my girlfriend went to a new level – level of love, trust and support.

Thank you Neel for opening the door to this wonderful world of Yoga


Resl Ianovich, Student of Nursing, Austria

Dear Neel,

So first I want to thank you for the time in Germany. It was a perfect and funny week with you and Phillip. I say thank you because you answered all my questions as promised. This week was full of health, fitness and nutrition. On one hand, it was hard for me, but on the other hand, I felt like a changed person fully of energy!

When I returned home after the classes, I felt great, I continued my exercises regularly, and I am seeing the benefits. When my school started in September, I lost the practice and I felt stressful. Not doing Yoga regularly, I lost my energy. So, in my room, I build an ashram, with your Ganesha book in it. It brought me new energy. I have some problems in practicing alone that no one is pushing me.

But, my new focus is to find the balance again. And, I know that with the time I had with you and your words, I am sure to find the balance again. Please do not think otherwise.  You did everything correct.

Ohmmm Shanti.  Big nice wishes.

Theresia (Princess)


Resl Ianovich

Melinda Moraes, Yoga Teacher, Brazil / Paraguay


Melinda Moares

John Kocur, Jazz Saxophonist/Composer/Educator

Neel Kulkarni's yoga teaching has greatly benefited me as a musician. In his one-on-one coaching, he provides individualized exercises tailored to your unique needs and goals. As a professional jazz saxophonist, I was seeking advice on what yoga could teach me about breathing and painless, efficient body mechanics. Through practice of the breathing exercises I learned from Neel, my lung capacity and breath control have noticeably improved. I can hold phrases longer, with improved intonation and a more stable tone. I've also found greater focus, especially at the start of my practice session, after beginning with Neel's exercises. Neel was able to apply his encyclopedic knowledge of yoga and health to offer some great advice about posture and playing position as well. Since I began yoga classes with Neel many years ago, I have not experienced the pain of which many of my colleagues complain even in long practice sessions and performances. I attribute this to Neel's masterful teaching of the fundamentals of yoga and his insistence on quality of quantity. More than anything, I deeply appreciate Neel's commitment to teaching the entirety of Yoga including its mental and spiritual components. I can't imagine ever finding a more authentic yoga teacher. I recommend Neel's teaching to all musicians.

John Kocur
Jazz Saxophonist/Composer/Educator
Instructor of Music at Northern Virginia Community College

Julie Britton, Life Coach, Wales, U.K.

My homework was to sit in silence daily for 30 minutes, which I found very challenging!! To focus on 1 object. I choose my body weight as the topic.

Through daily meditation, I am I remember how I would thrive on feeling hungry, CONTROLLING MY PORTIONS TO LOOSE THAT NEXT kilo.

I was Able to make choices round food that made me feel light, knowing when my stomach was full and to leave feeling hungry knowing I would feel full after 20 minutes.

During special occasions eating high carbohydrate meals and large meals at that, just drinking water and eating salad the next day to even out the amount of energy consumed. All these strategies and formulas I used to have at an early teenager at 12,13,14,15,16 years right up to my 30’s. Then I started to suffer around food shortly after my farther died, now loosing both my parents has left me dissatisfied and using food and drink as a comfort impacting my weight gain. I then started to exercise nearly one to two hours 5 days a week over the past two years which has impact my back, knees and neck and now I am in so much pain I need to change my eating style all together. So the biggest things that has helped me on this course is mind meditation with silent sitting for 30 minutes which led from various emotions from anxiety to irritability to anger then eventually peace and mind focus. I have developed control around food, eating less, even enjoyed Pizza, pasta and bread which is usually the worst for me and even now I have maintained weight balance through raw food eating, fresh vegetables, juice with fruit. Now every time I plan my food for the day I balance it with a 3 sessions of 30 minutes intervals of exercise (yoga) that are gently building strength and stamina maintaining small portions of food or just juice or water.

I have found Neel Kulkarni highly educated and well read not just in yoga he reads sanskrit and has the original theory and history of how yoga started with meditation of the mind, it is through this knowledge I have gained control and power over my body which I am most grateful for.

Thank you Neel. I will be back to see you.
Lots of love and blessings

John Kocur, Professional Musician, Sterling, Virginia, U.S.A.

Neel Kulkarni's yoga teaching has greatly benefited me as a musician. In his one-on-one coaching, he provides individualized exercises tailored to your unique needs and goals. As a professional jazz saxophonist, I was seeking advice on what yoga could teach me about breathing and painless, efficient body mechanics. Through practice of the breathing exercises I learned from Neel, my lung capacity and breath control have noticeably improved. I can hold phrases longer, with improved intonation and a more stable tone. I've also found greater focus, especially at the start of my practice session, after beginning with Neel's exercises. Neel was able to apply his encyclopedic knowledge of yoga and health to offer some great advice about posture and playing position as well. Since I began yoga classes with Neel many years ago, I have not experienced the pain of which many of my colleagues complain even in long practice sessions and performances. I attribute this to Neel's masterful teaching of the fundamentals of yoga and his insistence on quality of quantity. More than anything, I deeply appreciate Neel's commitment to teaching the entirety of Yoga including its mental and spiritual components. I can't imagine ever finding a more authentic yoga teacher. I recommend Neel's teaching to all musicians.


John Kocur, Jazz Saxophonist/Composer/Educator Instructor of Music at Northern Virginia Community College
John Kocur

Eileen Kragie, Yoga Teacher, Virginia, U.S.A.

I was extremely happy to have found you and your teaching when i did, and your help and instruction has enabled me to grow quickly.  As i frequently write to you and tell you, i am forever grateful for that and for the solid foundation your teaching has given me in classical Indian yoga.

Developing an asana practice from books and videos is very difficult so your in-person teaching is extremely valuable. i bought one of Desikachar's books, actually two, in hopes that they would give me more guidance on the asana practices, variations in particular.  i heartily agree that too much reading creates confusion but not having found a live teacher here that i like, i do my best.

Actually' like' is not it. It is finding a teacher whose background, practice and study is congruent with where you are and where you wish to go with your practice.  i have always been very comfortable with you, as you were brought up in a yogic family, and are steeped in the spiritual practice of yoga. 

Your workshops on chanting, and the inclusion of the memorization of a chant in your teacher training, have been very valuable.  The historical background you provided on chanting was fascinating and increased my appreciation immeasurably of chanting and the passing down of knowledge by oral tradition as opposed to written.  Your instructional materials are beautifully recorded and they make learning chanting very accessible. There seem to be numerous reasons and uses for chanting, of which you can elaborate upon easily.  While i did not delve deeply into this component of yoga, i am enjoying working on memorizing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the ones i have committed to memory are proving very useful as a teacher and as a practitioner.   My students frequently comment on how much they enjoy the Prayer to Patanjali by the poet Bhartruhari… though i see in your book it is presumed to be written by him.
The many recordings you have made of chants is very useful.  Simply listening to them is a powerful and beautiful experience.  And relaxing.
Your latest book Adhiyoga, Authentic Yoga System of  Neel Kulkarni, provides a wonderful detailed and in depth discussion of chanting for yoga and underscores the importance of it as an essential piece of a practice.  For any student of yoga, the information provided and detailed explanations are invaluable.  Your book is a wonderful & convenient resource. 

Gaining a deep study of the important texts in classical yoga has been very beneficial, not only on a professional level but much more importantly on a personal one.  As you pointed out in one of your many workshops, it is important to know with whom you are studying and how far removed that individual is from the original texts.  Your study of Sanskrit, these ancient texts, your teachers and your personal practice make you an excellent teacher from which to undertake these studies.

Thanks to your keen and careful instruction, i am very much aware of the tremendous variation in the translations of the original works, much less the subsequent commentaries by each different writer.  Understanding the definition of the terms being used and how they can change from work to work, and even within one work, has proved invaluable when studying these works.  You carefully made that point early on when i began studying The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with you.  And it was borne out quickly when i questioned your use of a particular term in your latest book.  You quickly pointed me to your note in the beginning of your book which stated that some terms were not being used as commonly understood.  It makes for challenging, frustrating and always, interesting study and reflection.

Certainly there are cultural differences between you and me, in addition to teacher-student and friend differences.  All of that makes for interesting and confusing exchanges at times,  but ones that are illuminating and full of life.  It is a pleasure sharing these experiences in this life here with you.  May your life be full and rich with many many blessings.

~your student, & your friend

Unmesh Nandkumar Joshi, masters student of Vrije University, Amsterdam.


I am Unmesh Nandkumar Joshi, masters student of Vrije University, Amsterdam. I would like to share my experience of YOGA practice that I learnt from Neel Sir few months ago. In last year, I have been to three different continents: Asia, Europe and America. I am enjoying my life to its core and I have not been ill (not even a cold or cough) for all these three sixty five days! The credit goes to YOGA exercises I do regularly and undoubtedly to my exemplary YOGA GURU: Neel Sir.

I took personal coaching from Neel Sir in the months of May-June 2012. Singular fact about his YOGA lessons is personalized organization of entire program. He made me identify my goals and ignited in me, a fire to pursue them, of course through YOGA practice, which essentially maintains balance of body and mind. He shared his rich life-experiences with me to guide me better. Teacher training course is next on my list, when I shall come back to India.

Unmesh Joshi

John Kovac, Harp Maker and Harpist, Virginia, U.S.A.

Because of you i am advancing in my yoga and find it immensely helpful in everything.

John Kovac,(a student of 2012)
Date: 26 June, 2013


Dr. Y from Australia

Hi Neel, How are you? just want to say you big thank you for your advice with regards to knee. I cannot believe how quickly it has improved.Cyst becomes smaller and now I can sit on heels longer time. It looks like kneeling squash synovial membrane back to normal position.As a result of it I can stretch more hamstrings and low back. And I don't have pain in left side body any more.I am able to control hot flushes using self hypnosis and cooling pranayama.They become worth as soon as I am doing something for core strength of twists of just focus on abdominal. I would need to look at
it.Keep in touch. Kind regards,Y

Dr. Y

Thanks from Adelaide

Good morning, BroNeel, I wish you will stay longer in Adelaide, there is still so much that I want to learn from you . Lots and lots of love. PS Btw I really like your posts on Facebook.

Adelaide, Australia

Gratitude from Australian Lady

Sometimes in life we are very fortunate and we cross paths with someone special - the right person, at the right time, and in the right place so that we might fully appreciate the good fortune that life has been kind enought to smile upon us. This is for me right now.

Neel, I cannot possibly find words to express my gratitude I fell for the inspiration and joy meeting you has brought me. Except to say THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge, time and smile with me. With Love T (and A).

T (& A)
Adelaide, Australia

Sanjeet Hoskoti, High School Student, Pune, India

I am Sanjeet Hoskoti, from Pune age 16 years studying in Ankur Vidya mandir   (special school) in NIOS Xth std. I have vision problem since from my birth I can’t read the normal text books and also I am suffering from epilepsy (comes under the category ‘Visually Impaired’ student). Because of low vision my movements outside are get restricted i.e. playing and walking alone in crowd etc. by this I gained lot of weight. Past 7 years I am taking Ayurvedic treatment. Many of the doctor were suggested me to go for any sort of exercise or yoga class. My father have searched for suitable yoga class who can give one to one classes but finally by the grace of god he found Neel sir (Authentic yoga) who resides nearby and giving one to one classes, trainings etc. I joined classes since from July 2012

Before joining yoga I was facing problems like tiredness, less flexibility in the body muscles, overweight & bending problems but after one month of exercise I got the better results. Presently due to yoga my weight is almost reduced by 3 kgs and I am feeling comfortable in doing day to day activities. Really speaking (Neel sir) yoga is shaping me
Since I am being a special child Neel sir had taken special interest, effort as well as challenge to improve my physic and studies. I am also very much comfortable with him and after learning yoga for one or two years I am interested to become Yoga teacher by taking appropriate training from Neel sir.

I am really enjoying doing yoga’s in presence of Neel sir; of course he also enjoys my company he is really great master of Yoga training. Presently everybody surrounding me says I am improving But I know I have to learn lot from him I am hardly improved by 10 to 15% need to reach at least 80 to 90% of perfection.

5 November 2012

Sanjeet Hoskoti

Hanna Mae Owens, Psychology Student, Virginia, U.S.A.

Neel, Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me and teach me on this trip. I am very lucky to he able to learn from you. I am amazed by your knowledge and generosity. I look forward to learning from you in the future.

January 2012

Hanna Mae Owens

Ashka Soni, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I personally feel that neel's class is very special since it not only gives u fitness but he also helps to give emotional stability in your life . Also he is a inspiration to us all since he is a very hardworking person himself . Apart from all that whenever he makes you feel that you are part of family . A lot of places can give you weight loss or whatever else you are looking for but he teaches you to always keep smiling . thank u neel

27 December 2011

Ashka Soni

Ashna Bhatia, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I think Neel is very nice as a person . He is not just a yoga teacher in my life but my mentor ,who gave my life new aspects .He is a keen observer .I am a very careless person from my nature and I never used to accept my mistakes. Within the one hour daily class Neel observed all these flaws in me and helped me to get rid of them . I am really blessed to have him in my life....

28 December 2011

Ashna Bhatia

Quang Nguyen, Teacher, San Fransisco, California, U.S.A.

Neel is an excellent yoga teacher who helped me with back problems when I was in Pune in the summer of 2011--I was introduced to him by a Sanskrit teacher. I told Neel that I have always suffered from lower back pain maybe because I had bad meditative posture (I live in an urban temple and meditate every morning). For some reason I have never really bothered to seek out a chiropractor and the yoga teachers in America don’t seem to know enough about the body to help me fix the problem. However, Neel was able to diagnose my physical impediments and showed me just three simple exercises which he told me that I should do for one hour everyday for a period of three months. He guaranteed that the problem will immediately go away after that time. You can guess how skeptical I was at that time. Here in America, so many people suffer from chronic back-pain which tends to linger with no viable solution and here is this yogi professing to me that he can fix it for me. Furthermore, the exercises that he wanted me to do seemed not even related to the back at all. So how could these exercises help the back? I put it off for the entire trip while I was in India and did not start doing them until I got back to San Francisco. When I got back, again the pain from my lower back was bothering me so bad that I thought that there was nothing to lose if I tried out Neel’s exercises. Forget about three months, after a period of several weeks the pain simply disappeared. God, you can guess how surprised I was when I felt no more pain in my lower back. My back never felt this great in years and the only person that I am thankful for is Neel. I am sold! Whatever he did works. Neel is now my Sanskrit teacher and I can’t wait to go back to India again to learn yoga from him in the summer of 2012. Thanks again to my friend and guru. You saved my life!

28 December 2011

Quang Nguyen

An ex fourth stage cancer patient from U.S.A.

Dear Neel,

Thanks for checking.
I am doing much better. Everybody says i look better after my India Trip :-) and i told them the secret behind it. Only worry is i am lagging in doing my Yoga and following subtle diet plan.
Tomorrow i will be visiting my Surgeon, and i am confident all is Well.
I will send you lots of pictures of my Girls. They are lots of fun, younger one overrules older one. It's fun watching them grow, learning and implementing new things.
Axxx now goes to Katthak, Kumon, and Ballet class and Ayyy goes to Gymnastic.They both love it.
I hope to be more disciplined.
I trust everything is just great with you.


8 December 2011

Denny Grossman, Ecology Scientist, Vienna, Virginia, U.S.A.

"Neel has continued to provide valuable guidance to my yoga practice over the past year. Neel is a unique teacher with comprehensive knowledge of yoga philosophy, tradition and practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to study with him."




I have been a yoga student with Neel over the past year.  His breadth and depth of knowledge regarding the history and philosopy of yoga represent the generations of dedicated practice in this family.  I have benefited from general class instruction and individual training.  My energy, strength, flexibility and overall health have significantly improved as a direct result from his intstructions.  I am forturnate to have found this knowledgeable, helpful and friendly yoga teacher in Vienna.  I strongly recommend Neel as a yoga teacher for any serious student.

Denny Grossman
February 2007

Denny Grossman

Ravikumar Keepudi, Ashburn, Virginia, USA

January 7, 2009

It was about a year ago that we met Mr. Neel Kulkarni under a very distressed condition of seeking for help with my son’s flat feet complications. Earlier, our visits to a number of Podiatrists only provided somewhat unacceptable medical advices. It did not make any sense letting a 10 year child to undergo surgical treatments without any promising results and it was very clear we will not go in that direction. A simple rational study and reports by Mr. Neel, we were convinced that we are in good hands and the right place.

Mr. Neel, upon reviewing all the reports, my son’s physical nature, proposed a very strategic approach with monthly intervals of reviews. With a good number of easy Yogic postures, some serious changes in food habits, and the type of food, we saw dramatic improvement in the course of 3 months. He brought in more changes from the perfection and improvement points of view, and then in the next 6 months of time, my son saw an almost perfect healing. My son who was very scared of going to a Podiatrist is very happy now and continues to follow the directions given my Mr. Neel.

We sincerely thank Mr. Neel for his meticulous perception on human body, behavior and the expertise in setting things in the right direction. It worked in our case and sure it is his invaluable knowledge that can heal many human disorders in a very natural way without having to go to people who use knifes and scissors for simple reasons; further save money and reduce stress for ever.

We strongly feel to be highly fortunate and blessed in solving the issue for ever.

Warm regards,
Ravi Keepudi & Family.

Ravikumar Keepudi

Avinash Kondagunta, Merrifield, Virginia, USA

Hey Neel,
Happy new year to you too! I am doing good. I have been practicing yoga regularly and I can feel the difference. I have been missing a few days in between but my new year's resolution is to cut that down! :-)


Avinash Kondagunta

Bob and Joelle Rudney, Vienna, Virginia, USA

"My wife and I have regularly attended Neel Kulkarni's yoga classes for the past two years. Neel is a phenomenal, dedicated teacher whose classes reflect his deep spirituality, commitment, and compassion. I have a disability, and Neel went to tremendous lengths to design exercises that would accommodate my disability and bring me maximum benefit from yoga. We miss him greatly and look forward to seeing him again next summer."


Bob and Joelle Rudney

Neswanth K, Ashburn, Virginia, USA

Thanks Neel! You Rock In Yoga!

I really thank youu for helping me to get rid of the surgery.. I learnt a lot in Yoga. I learnt that I need to be focussed on mind. One of my favorite pose was the StarFish(Neelakanthasana), because I can do that so much. My muscles are starting to grow strong. I dedicate this card to you because you helped me so much in Yoga. One of your students,

Neswanth K. 2008 (10 year old boy who wants to avoid the surgery recommended by 3 surgeons)

Neswanth K

Hari Prasad, North Carolina, USA

Hello Neel,
Good Morning. Hope you had a good time in India. Sorry I was not able to mail you as I am little busy in the office and also in moving to new place. But, I am doing Yoga every day for one hour. I am feeling very good now. I stopped taking medication also for acid reflux. Iam doing all the Yoga asanas that you showed me. Now Iam feeling very good. Iam doing this in the evening for an hour. Iam planning to do partially in the morning and partially in the evening. I mean all the asanas other than those on the bolster in the morning and those on the bolster in the evening. Would like to know whether I can do like that or all should be done at one time.

I moved to new place and am doing good. I will keep in touch.I am very happy to see the results as early as one week after following your valuable suggestions. Thanks for all the help.

Prasad, 05/11/2008

Hari Prasad

Rajiv Sarin, IT Manager, Springfied, Virginia, USA

"Saturday mornings with Neel ji this year have brought forth a singular aspect namely, do your part in life. Coming to terms with this dimension in one's day to day life has unfolded incalculable 'mahatva' for my career, my family interaction and my life compass. Also, this year, I have been remiss in not setting aside regular 'niyam' time for Patanjali Yogasutra chanting."
Rajiv Sarin


Neelji's Class: I continue to participate in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali class, and benefit from the wonderful gift of chanting in Sanskrit as well as Neelji's hospitality of garam chai. I encourage anyone interested in the subject area of stilling the mind to enroll in Neelji's class. As a student you may even be the beneficiary of his uncanny brand of humor! AUM.


I am a student of Neel Kulkarni and started Patanjali Yogasutra study in the Fall of 2005. I consider myself fortunate to be learning the text from someone who has a solid grasp of Sanskrit and makes it appear as if it is his native language. Neel is deeply committed to chanting the sutrams and I am therefore the beneficiary of the oral tradition of learning as well. I must confess the clarity of the philosophy contained in the yogasutra text has not been entirely approachable in portions of the first pada; however, Neel has been both flexible and patient to go over the tenets as often required. The initiation to the philosophy of Patanjali Yogasutra has made me curious on the practitioner aspects of ‘chitta vritti nirodh.’ I feel fortunate to have been recommended to this class by my yoga teacher, Nanda Bondade.


Rajiv Sarin

Vijay, Manager, Cybage Software (SEI-CMMI L 5), India

Hello Neel,

Thanks for calling me and enquiring about my health. I am doing great and no problem after August hospitalization. Things are looking under control so far. Needless to say, I am following all of your instructions with regards Yoga and diet. Will talk more when we meet in January.




A private student - names removed

Dear Neel,
I am sorry we missed you this past weekend. We were celebrating Easter and my mother's birthday with family. It was a very sweet gathering. I hope your new job in DC is going well. You have been in my thoughts lately as I have been feeling much gratitude for our talk together earlier this year. This semester at school has been very special for me. As I come to the last two weeks of classes and finishing assignments I realize how much peace I have had through all the events of the semester. My stress disappeared and instead I have been able to focus and get my work done without worry. When I have noticed stress start to rise in me, I have been able to quickly shift to peace and move forward with focus. I am deeply grateful for the time we spent together that morning and for your wisdom shared with me. You assisted me in making this conscious shift so effortlessly and beautifully. Thank you, Neel. You are a very special gift in my life and I know my husband feels likewise. We look forward to spending more time with you and Nancy when I finish school (May 4 is my last day!).


Dr. Shantanu & Drs. Vasantee Deshpande, Software Engineers, Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Neel - We meant to thank you for the useful Health Related suggestions you gave us for our Son. Our son had suffered cold and related symptoms from very early childhood. Your suggestions related to stopping the dairy products and then only allowing organic milk have resulted in recovery from his cold related problems. Additionally, his appetite which was very poor in the past, has improved resulting in better strength and overall wellbeing. We are thankful to you and wish you best in your work on health and yoga.


Shantanu & Drs. Vasantee Deshpande

EC, Alexandria, Virginia

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to me about my heart condition. I enjoyed the class and am looking forward to really getting into Yoga. My chest did not feel tight after the class. Please send me the information promised. I look forward to receiving the information.



Cécile Poyet, Virginia and California, USA

"Neel has been my yoga instructor since 2007. He has taught me the most fundamental yoga concepts and practices. This has deeply changed my life – changes that will stay with me forever. Besides the most visible benefits related to better quality of sleep and healthier eating habits, I have seen myself becoming a calmer, more balanced, peaceful and satisfied person. Every day, I enjoy exploring my spirituality and divine nature further. These evolutions would not have been possible without Neel’s dedication, patience and teachings. I am very grateful to him for being my yoga instructor and to life for having made our paths cross. May every person on a spiritual path find such a helpful source of inspiration and universal love."

24 December 2011

Hi Neel, Thank you so much for offering me a special last yoga class. I am sorry I had to miss your class today and had not been able to say goodbye properly. However, I would like you to know that it does not change anything to the wonderful teaching you have been giving to me over the past months. Many things have been changing in my life in a very positive way since I started yoga classes with you. And I know I still have many things to learn, which is great. I feel very lucky I met you and Nancy. You are both very special people and you really became my "yoga family", as Nancy once said. I have been enjoying every time I have been sharing with you. Thank you very much again for offering me a yoga class tonight or tomorrow. I will not be able to make it, not only because I have to finish packing my stuff and have no car anymore, but also because I do not like goodbyes much :-) Take great care of you both of you. I will certainly give you news from California.

Namaste, Cecile

June 21, 2008


Before starting yoga courses with Neel, I had been thinking for more than one year about doing yoga. I probably did not dare to try because I was aware that it could open things in me that would be over my control, like when I studied philosophy in college.

Finally, after moving to Northern Virginia, and knowing that I would stay in the area for a little while, I though that I should really give a try. I had a look on Internet and found Neel’s website. I sent him an e-mail and, ten days later, had my first course of yoga. I liked it right away. At that time in my life, I was looking for a new approach about food, exercise, and mental balance. I read Neel’s book and understood right away that yoga could help me significantly. I also understood that everyone has to find his/her own approach. Yoga is something really personal and individual.

This is the reason why Neel is doing a fantastic job. He is able to share with his students his own knowledge of yoga, to provide them guidelines and, ultimately, to help them find their own way. He is always willing to answer their questions: questions directly linked to practice, but also questions about the more global discipline that yoga is – life, death, sleep, emotions...while having a realistic and wide enough approach so everyone can find his/her own way. Philosophy lessons are, in that regard, a privileged time to exchange ideas and develop a wider understanding of yoga. I personally found many answers and formulated many questions while reading Neel’s book, Health and Yoga Aphorisms, of Saee Tech, The Authentic Yoga School with Commentary.

I am currently traveling extensively for my job. I miss Neel’s courses but I was lucky enough to meet him at a calmer time in my life during which I built the ability to practice on my own. I am also very lucky I read his book. I come from France and, after more than one year in the US, I was still not satisfied with the way I was feeding myself. Speaking with Neel and reading his book opened my eyes. I understood that the purpose for me should not be to fight calories and pounds but, instead, to make sure that I feed my body properly. The same thing was true about my mind. I understood that activity, although everywhere in our society, was not necessarily what I should be looking for all the time. I learnt how to relax, close my eyes, pay attention to my body, ear how I feel inside. For me, it has been the first step to a more balanced life.

The exciting thing is that I know I still have many things to learn from Neel. Yoga can be an entire life. I want to explore the very wide possibilities it offers for a more satisfying and meaningful life. I know Neel will help me in this project.

Cécile Poyet

Boston, 12/14/2007

Cécile Poyet

Jagadish, IT Professional, Michigan, U.S.A.

Dear Neel,
I have strictly followed your suggestions for the last three months and I observed significant changes. My sleep quality has improved, and I am more relaxed and balanced now. I thank you very much for your guidance. There is still one issue that is generating stress and anxiety. That is my job. xxxxxxIn the past, I would crumble under stress, but now I am still ok but I can clearly see that it is balancing the benefits I am getting from my practice. What should I do? Could you please suggest anything?
4/ 4/2007


Carla Vercoe, Pilates Instructor, Oakton, Virginia


I originally starting taking classes from you at Authentic Yoga School once a week with the intention of “undoing” all the damage I do to my body during the week. With running and spinning my body truly needs the extra attention that yoga gives me in addition to my pilates training. After just a couple of months, I realized that my once a week yoga class was the one thing I do that I truly looked forward to. In addition to a great workout, I get a feeling of inner peace and contentment and I try to keep that feeling throughout the day.

Your teaching method is personable and your students are always pleasant and make the experience complete. After my two personal training sessions at the end of last year, I have begun my own home practice which I try to do 3 to 5 times a week. After just a couple of weeks of your personalized training, my husband and associates noticed improvement in my back and posture. I am having less back pain and am able to sit and stand much straighter than I have in the past. My scoliosis is on it’s way to being corrected. In addition to my new posture, I have made new friends at Authentic Yoga School.

Carla  Vercoe

Carla Vercoe

John Kovac, Harpist and Harpmaker, Front Royal, Virginia

I have been taking Yoga Instruction with Neel for two years. Prior to this, I have taken Yoga Instruction at health clubs for about 3 years, and I was benefitted by them as well. However, I felt intimidated by keeping with instructors and students who were better at the Yoga Exercises than myself. I went to Neel specifically because I had a severe case of Sciatica and the Acupuncture failed to remedy it. Chiropractics was of some benefit. I derived the maximum and full benefit and recovery due to Neel's individualized Yoga Routine. He was giving me fewer exercises to do but telling me to concentrate and do them well. The exercises were much less stressful, but involved relaxed stretching which was challenging and which I feel, took me to the very basics of Yoga.

I also like his approach where he asked me what particularly I wanted out of Yoga. Obviously, I wanted to improve my Musical Skills as I am a professional Harpmaker and Harp Player, in addition to recovery from Sciatica. It is difficult to say what Yoga is doing exactly since it benefits us in so many ways, but I am sure that Neel's measured instruction has been of immense benefit to me at many levels, healthwise, mentally, and musically. Neel is very knowledgeable about human body and Yoga, and has obviously devoted his life to the practice of this discipline. This is NOT just a part time thing with Neel. I would highly and unadvisedly recommend Neel to any one who is either beginning Yoga, or someone who wants to take it to higher levels. Neel really knows what he is doing.


I am a professional Musician. Thanks to Neel's Authentic Yoga! My teaching and overall Musicianship have benefited immensely. Thanks to Neel's instruction. Also, I suffered from Sciatica pain which the Accupuncture failed to remedy. A few Yoga exercises instructed by Neel helped immensely. John Kovac


John Kovac

Hemant Gore, IT Professional, Pune, India

I have been a student of Neel Kulkarni for the past 4 years. I first came to him for a private lesson for solving my back problems. On following the given instruction, the back problem was solved, with no recurrence to-date. Later, i joined his regular classes as he returned to Indian starting his operation in Pune around one year ago. Since then, I have lost unwanted weight, gotten fitness, good understanding of Yoga topics including Philsophy, Chanting, variety of advanced asanas, and company of great Yoga students. Additionally, I have become a close friend of Neel outside of the classroom. It has definitely enriched my life.

One good point about Neel is that he understands the difference of individual nature and treats him/her accordingly to overcome their difficulties.

18 December 2011

Hemant Gore