Testimonials - Group Yoga

Chiara Scapin - Yoga Teacher, Dolomites, Italy

Neel è un insegnate molto competente, ho apprezzato moltissimo le sue lezioni perché ricche si spunti interessanti, abbiamo trattato lo yoga a 360 gradi parlando di Asana, panayama, meditazione, filosofia e stile di vita con un linguaggio semplice alla portata anche di chi si è approcciato da poco allo yoga. Neel è anche molto attento alle esigenze individuali e ti sa condurre davvero verso una crescita personale. Grazie Neel per i tuoi insegnamenti, spero di rivederti ancora qui tra i monti delle Dolomiti! Chiara

Neel is a very knowledgeable teacher, I've enjoyed his lessons because he has a lot of interesting ideas. We've been treating yoga at 360 degrees talking about asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and lifestyle with a simple language at the reach of even those who are recently approached at yoga. Neel is also very attentive to the individual needs and he knows how to really lead to personal growth. Thanks Neel for your teachings, I hope to see you again here in the mountains of the Dolomites! Chiara

Clayton Yoga Shala - California

May 25, 2017

Thank you Neel for our 2nd year of teacher training in the Shala! You’ve been a great asset to our community in teaching Authentic Yoga - something not too easily found these days. It has been my great pleasure to attend your workshops, read your books, listen to your lectures and chanting, and to learn the AdhiYoga system. Mostly I am happy to have such a bright and pure soul like yours to call my friend and teacher! I am so impressed with your knowledge and experience, and the way you present the ancient and esoteric information in such concise and clear manner. Your understanding of the philosophy and tradition of Yoga is astounding. I look forward to many years of work and friendship and learning together.
Thank you, thank you for all you do - for all of us serious students of Yoga!

Love & Peace,
Laura Mullin
Owner, Clayton Yoga Shala

Ravindra Kukade, Civil Engineer, Pune

My experience during Yoga tught by Neel sir.......
I was suffering multiple pain at lower back. Doctor was not sure when this pain will be cured. I was helpless. My weight had also considerably increased.
On 10th November 2016 Mr.Neel sir luckily met me near his residence. I expressed my wish to have therapeutic yoga for pain & weight reduction. He examined my condition. Then started the therapy from next day.
It is now almost 37 days over for the therapy, pain has reduced. I have lost almost 8.5 kg of the weight.During this weight reduction program I am not feeling tired or Hungry. It is happening very easily. I had tried many options in past, but I was not able to reduce so much of weight.
Thanks to Neel sir for helping me.
Ravindra Kukade

Deepak Kulkarni, Business, India

Neel Sir,
I am very lucky to have a yoga teacher like you! As you know I had massive heart attack on 13 Feb 2016. One day my daughter in law asked me to meet you for recovery and fitness post heart attack. After discussion you taught me yoga for 15 days and gave me some diet instructions for fast recovery. I did all yoga exercises and also followed all your diet instructions. As you had said, in 6 months, there was a tremendous change in my body!
I became much fit and fine! In fact, so many people told me that I look very young and handsome! I am extremely thankful to you for your training of yoga. I appeal to everyone – please start doing Yoga for at least 20 mins a day for a better health !

Further: I started further Yoga Training with you on 15 September till to-date. And, I have gained further flexibility, loss of weight and deeper understanding of Yoga. This is prompting to enter Yoga Teaching profession. One of my close friend also joined you after seeing my progress.

Eileen Kragie, Yoga Teacher, Virginia, U.S.A.

I was extremely happy to have found you and your teaching when i did, and your help and instruction has enabled me to grow quickly.  As i frequently write to you and tell you, i am forever grateful for that and for the solid foundation your teaching has given me in classical Indian yoga.

Developing an asana practice from books and videos is very difficult so your in-person teaching is extremely valuable. i bought one of Desikachar's books, actually two, in hopes that they would give me more guidance on the asana practices, variations in particular.  i heartily agree that too much reading creates confusion but not having found a live teacher here that i like, i do my best.

Actually' like' is not it. It is finding a teacher whose background, practice and study is congruent with where you are and where you wish to go with your practice.  i have always been very comfortable with you, as you were brought up in a yogic family, and are steeped in the spiritual practice of yoga. 

Your workshops on chanting, and the inclusion of the memorization of a chant in your teacher training, have been very valuable.  The historical background you provided on chanting was fascinating and increased my appreciation immeasurably of chanting and the passing down of knowledge by oral tradition as opposed to written.  Your instructional materials are beautifully recorded and they make learning chanting very accessible. There seem to be numerous reasons and uses for chanting, of which you can elaborate upon easily.  While i did not delve deeply into this component of yoga, i am enjoying working on memorizing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the ones i have committed to memory are proving very useful as a teacher and as a practitioner.   My students frequently comment on how much they enjoy the Prayer to Patanjali by the poet Bhartruhari… though i see in your book it is presumed to be written by him.
The many recordings you have made of chants is very useful.  Simply listening to them is a powerful and beautiful experience.  And relaxing.
Your latest book Adhiyoga, Authentic Yoga System of  Neel Kulkarni, provides a wonderful detailed and in depth discussion of chanting for yoga and underscores the importance of it as an essential piece of a practice.  For any student of yoga, the information provided and detailed explanations are invaluable.  Your book is a wonderful & convenient resource. 

Gaining a deep study of the important texts in classical yoga has been very beneficial, not only on a professional level but much more importantly on a personal one.  As you pointed out in one of your many workshops, it is important to know with whom you are studying and how far removed that individual is from the original texts.  Your study of Sanskrit, these ancient texts, your teachers and your personal practice make you an excellent teacher from which to undertake these studies.

Thanks to your keen and careful instruction, i am very much aware of the tremendous variation in the translations of the original works, much less the subsequent commentaries by each different writer.  Understanding the definition of the terms being used and how they can change from work to work, and even within one work, has proved invaluable when studying these works.  You carefully made that point early on when i began studying The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with you.  And it was borne out quickly when i questioned your use of a particular term in your latest book.  You quickly pointed me to your note in the beginning of your book which stated that some terms were not being used as commonly understood.  It makes for challenging, frustrating and always, interesting study and reflection.

Certainly there are cultural differences between you and me, in addition to teacher-student and friend differences.  All of that makes for interesting and confusing exchanges at times,  but ones that are illuminating and full of life.  It is a pleasure sharing these experiences in this life here with you.  May your life be full and rich with many many blessings.

~your student, & your friend

Renée  Tillston, Still and Moving Center, Honolulu, Hawai, U.S.A.

Aloha Neal,

We gained a lot from your visit. I particularly loved your insistence about clarity regarding WHY people are doing yoga:  if we are trying for enlightenment, we are not going to get it by just doing asana practice.  I also personally loved hearing you chant.

Thank you again for your visit.  I hope that you met and enjoyed Joss Jaffe.




In Adelaide, Australia

Dear Neel,

Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and contagious smile with us! You have enriched our journey with your kindness. We look forward to seeing you again, keep in touch!

Love.. S and C

S and C

Thanks from Adelaide

Good morning, BroNeel, I wish you will stay longer in Adelaide, there is still so much that I want to learn from you . Lots and lots of love. PS Btw I really like your posts on Facebook.

Adelaide, Australia

Gratitude from Australian Lady

Sometimes in life we are very fortunate and we cross paths with someone special - the right person, at the right time, and in the right place so that we might fully appreciate the good fortune that life has been kind enought to smile upon us. This is for me right now.

Neel, I cannot possibly find words to express my gratitude I fell for the inspiration and joy meeting you has brought me. Except to say THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge, time and smile with me. With Love T (and A).

T (& A)
Adelaide, Australia

Hanna Mae Owens, Psychology Student, Virginia, U.S.A.

Neel, Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me and teach me on this trip. I am very lucky to he able to learn from you. I am amazed by your knowledge and generosity. I look forward to learning from you in the future.

January 2012

Hanna Mae Owens

Ashka Soni, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I personally feel that neel's class is very special since it not only gives u fitness but he also helps to give emotional stability in your life . Also he is a inspiration to us all since he is a very hardworking person himself . Apart from all that whenever he makes you feel that you are part of family . A lot of places can give you weight loss or whatever else you are looking for but he teaches you to always keep smiling . thank u neel

27 December 2011

Ashka Soni

Ashna Bhatia, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I think Neel is very nice as a person . He is not just a yoga teacher in my life but my mentor ,who gave my life new aspects .He is a keen observer .I am a very careless person from my nature and I never used to accept my mistakes. Within the one hour daily class Neel observed all these flaws in me and helped me to get rid of them . I am really blessed to have him in my life....

28 December 2011

Ashna Bhatia

Borders Bookstore Book Opening, Springfield, Virginia

Very well done. Interesting, knowledgeable. Good audience participation. Very able to answer questions. Great topic for the area. An Attendant, Borders.


Borders Bookstore Book Opening

Women's Fitness Company, Springfield, Virginia

A surprise! A man in the Women's Fitness Company! But, he is gentle and non-threatening. I am glad his shorts were not see up-able, too much embarassing for him otherwise. Thanks, A student.

I really enjoy Neel's class. It feels good. Stretching, Twisting, and learning! I hope that he continues. Thanks Neel. A Student.

Some students may say he talks too much. However, I felt he is taking the time to instruct slowly on each move, make sure that it is understood and progressed with each additional class. I get the sense that this is not really a class for others to just "drop-in". A Student.

Neel Yoga - Very much enjoyed the class. Would like some advanced moves.

The Yoga class on Wednesday was wonderful. Lot of opportunity for practice. Good instruction. A Student.

This instructor was very encouraging. He was able to clearly explain the hows and whys of the moves. A Student.

Winter 2000

Women's Fitness Company

Whole Foods Market, Springfield, Virginia

This was a fun and thorough introductory Yoga class. The principles were taught and I enjoyed it very much. Please have more! An Attendee

I found the class very informative. An Attendee

I particulary found the demo part of the lesson to be useful. Thank you. An Attendee

This was a very informative class for a beginner like myself. A great introduction to Yoga. An Attendee

Health and Yoga System by Neel Kulkarni - Good class. I enjoyed this introduction to Yoga and am anxious to start beginning a class. An Attendee

Very informative for the beginning Yoga person. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable. Very good! An Attendee

Thank you for the demonstration. I like the idea of learning more than the poses. An Attendee

Very nice session. Lots of information. Very interesting. Good instruction and good explanations. An Attendee

This class was very informative. The presentation was well organized! An Attendee


Whole Foods Market

Bonnie Kendrick, Yoga Teacher, Alexandria, Virginia

OM Shanti Dear Neel, Thank you so much for teaching the Sports and Health Club Yoga class last Thursday. Already two of the students told me how good the class with you was. Thanks.


Bonnie Kendrick

EC, Alexandria, Virginia

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to me about my heart condition. I enjoyed the class and am looking forward to really getting into Yoga. My chest did not feel tight after the class. Please send me the information promised. I look forward to receiving the information.



Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, Virginia

Dear Neel, Alongwith students, I would like to voice my appreciation for your efforts this past year to teach Yoga to students at Jefferson. I know it was difficult at times because of the poor setting and short time for the classes, but you always got the students to "make a happy face" and enjoy whatever time they had with you. Thank you again for your generosity of spirit and time. Program Sponsor, TJ.

Mr. Kulkarni, Thank you very much for taking the time to teach us Yoga. I really enjoyed it. I wish you could teach us next year. I am thinking about taking a class. Thanks again for teaching our Yoga class. Sincerely, A Student, TJ.

Dear Mr. Kulkarni, You are the coolest Yoga teacher ever. It was a very gracious thing for you to volunteer to teach Yoga and not expect anything in return. I learnt a lot this year and I have better physical and mental health because of the Yoga. Keep on relaxin' brotha' Peace out, A Student, TJ.

Dear Mr. Kulkarni, Thank you so much for your gracious service throughout the year. It was very nice of you to volunteer your services w/o expecting anything in return. I have learnt a lot this year about Yoga and I am grateful to you for this. My concentration and mental health have also improved, thanks to you. I am very grateful, and I hope to see you again. keep having a happy face. From, A Student, TJ.

Year 2001

Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology

Marilyn, Unitarian Church, Virginia

As for feedback on the yoga class:  1. Benefits received:  learned very useful exercises to build towards flexibility with my body 2. Goal and Goal Achievement.   Strengthen my back. I learned a number of good exercises to increase flexibility with the back muscles and, with practice, eventually strengthen them. 3.  Positive points. The class provided me with good, detailed instructions and supervised learning sessions. 4. Improvement - with constant practice, my back does not bother me as much as it did prior to yoga classes. 5.  Addition/modification suggested for future. - It would be a good idea to explain the importance of sequencing different exercise poses and also to highlight which part of the body the exercise is designed to strengthen (unless I misunderstood and all the exercises were for the back since many of us needed the same thing). Thank you very much for the classes and your understanding and patience with the class and each individual's needs. Good luck in your other classes. Cheers.

Winter 2001


Brian, Unitarian Church, Virginia

1. Benefits. Renewed interest in yoga. Upper body and back strengthening. Increased confidence in more difficult poses. 2. Goal. My goal was to find an appropriate teacher, one who would challenge me and discover my weaknesses. Have accomplished both. 3. Very light and friendly atmosphere. Attentive instruction. Well-rounded introduction to yoga and all its facets. 4. I would only improve the location. I am used to hardwood floors. As far as other classes go, I still need to work out my hectic schedule, but Sunday and Friday look like good options. Namaste.

Winter 2001


Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria, Virginia

Mr. Kulkarni is very skilled and knowledgeable in the Yoga principles. I enjoyed the class very much.


Northern Virginia Community College

Susan Groger, Fairfax, Virginia

Thank you for your personal instruction. My goals of flexibility and relaxation were being accomplished in the 4 sessions.  The class gave me a solid practice that I can utilize to continue in their achievement.  It also gave  me quite a challenge, especially with the strength and endurance issues of the Plank pose (wrists) and the Headstand (confidence). 4 weeks is not long enough to comment on the therapeutic value that the class/practice achieved in my right side scoliosis. However, just being able to move into most of the poses without pain or anticipation of pain was of value. Again, thank you.


Susan Groger

Linda Lasley, Northern VA Community College, Virginia

a)Was the objective of the class met?  My goal was stress reduction.   I achieved this through learning new yoga positions.  b) Level of Instructor Knowledge. Superior.  c) Ability of Instructor communication.  Excellent.  Always answered questions and provided additional information.  d) Instructor's willingness to communicate.  Excellent.  Before, after and during class the instructor made himself available to answer questions. e) Would you like to recommend this class to another?  Definitely. f) Would you take another class from this instructor.  Definitely and have made plans to do so. g) Any other comments.  Wonderful class. h) How did you learn about this class.  College sent "flyer" to my home regarding available courses.


Linda Lasley

Linda Henry, Counsellor, George Mason Univ, Fairfax, Virginia

I am sorry that I have not been able to return to your yoga sessions at George Mason.  My schedule developed a conflict:) Are you planning to hold other sessions in the near future?  I thoroughly enjoyed the classes I did attend and continue to practice what I have learned. Thank you!.


Linda Henry

Judy, Yoga Teacher, Fairfax County Govt Center, Virginia

Sorry it has taken me so long to resopond.  I do want to let you know that my students enjoyed your classs very much.  They said if I ever need a sub again to please get you because you are very interesting.  They felt very challanged!

Summer 2001


Anandi (Sandra) May, Yoga Teacher, Alexandria, Virginia

I have known Neel for a number of years, meeting him at a satsang at Yogaville. I am a Yoga Teacher since 1992, certified in Integral Yoga and Sampoorna Yoga (Yogi Hari). I must admit that I am totally impressed with the method taught by Mr. Kulkarni.

I teach from my home and invited Neel to teach on a few occassions. I attended the class myself, and I and my students were very inspired by his style of teaching. He began by talking about Yoga - why we do it and the many benefits derived from the practice of Yoga and the impact on the entire system - body, mind and spirit. The hatha portion was different from what I normally practice, but I felt energized and uplifted. Neel ended the class with a deep relaxation as he played a recording of himself chanting OM shantih. His knowledge of Sanskrit and Vedas is very inspiring.

Neel's profound dedication to teaching Yoga and its philosophy are something very special, and I feel that Yoga community will greatly benefit by having such an outstanding, unique, and authentic yoga teacher.

September 18, 2001

Anandi (Sandra) May

Bill Sachaw, Nurse Scientist, Alexandria, Virginia

I have been studying for a year now with Neel. He is a very good teacher and is extremely knowledgeable about the benefits of Yoga. I feel that I have made gradual progress in doing the poses so that I get the maximum benefit from them, both physically and spiritually. My ability to focus and my endurance for aerobic exercise have been enhanced by the practice of Yoga. In addition, one of my goals was weight loss, and Yoga has helped me in that respect as well. Yoga has definitely been a welcome addition to my life and has enhanced my overall feeling of well-being.


Bill Sachaw

Yoanna I. Ganeva-Khanzada , Actress, Chantilly, Virginia

My goal was to achieve peace of mind and return my body comfort and flexibility. I achieved both with Neel's help and instruction. My work environment is very static-sit all day in front of a computer and I needed to rejuvenate myself to start feeling my body again. Yoga is all about you (the practitioner) and how you feel inside, observe from inside and make changes you want from inside. I felt in touch with myself again especially through meditation. Through Yoga, I felt the comfort of being in my own skin. I started loving myself again.


Yoanna I. Ganeva-Khanzada

George Mason University, Fall 2002, Virginia

Excellent instruction, accommodations for Student levels. Very responsive to student concerns and desires. Would like to know the names of poses and their purpose. Achievement - the permanent 'knot' in my shoulder is gone, also less tense overall. Thanks for not trying to make me turn into pretzel.

LyndaV. lyndav@cec.sped.org

Appreciate very much the individualized instruction. The class has been great experience. You have challenged us all, but paying attention to the capabilities of each student, you have been able to get all of us to extend to our limits. Your sense of humor, knowledge, and insight have made the class interesting and informative. I look forward to the next one.

Thanks Neel.
John VK. johnand lyndavk@hotmail.com

This Yoga class introduced me to a number of challenging, and actually strengthening poses. I can actually do a headstand! Flexibility is a work in progress. Website graphics are good for practice. And always wear a smiley face: teacher's voice is inspiring, and amusing too. Lots of fun.

FRAN. plato42324@yahhoo.com

I have been enjoying this class and hope we might do something that can use more strength in our next session.

Jan janleechang@yahoo.com

Goal is Scorpion Pose. Achieved Full Lotus Position. Instruction is Excellent and Instructor is Excellent.

I have achieved my goal of more flexibility and loosening my lower back. I hope to continue.
Stefan Roth

I enjoyed this session very much.  The teacher has been, as always, very kind and focused on the class and the needs of the students.  In addition, the other students have been much more responsible and regular than in the previous sessions, so this has contributed a lot to the success of each class. The new elements added to this class, such as the music during yoga practice, have made the class much more enjoyable.  Also, the recorded explanations have been very benefitial and focused on topics demanded by the students. The teacher was always on time and he stayed even longer than the class schedule.  Thus, we had a lot of opportunites for yoga practice, relaxation, and personal improvement. I am very glad I took this class! See you next semester,

A good course. I am more flexible now than when I started. Neel makes Yoga easy to understand for the novice. John

Best of the three semesters I have been attending. SG.


George Mason University

Cathy Andrews, Government Admin, Alexandria, Virginia

For the past year, I have attended Neel's Hatha Yoga/Meditation/Philosophy/Chanting class.  The class is very challenging, informative, and interesting.  It is a multi-level class and Neel manages to tax us all to our full capacity!  The meal Neel provides at the end of class is always tasty, nutritious, and welcome. When I began studying with Neel, my goals were to decrease asthmatic symptoms, lose weight, increase strength and flexibility, and to heal a knee injury.  I no longer take any asthma medications, have lost 30 lbs, and have increased my strength and flexibility.

My knee has been slow to heal but, with the progress I've made thus far, I am still hopeful. While I attend classes faithfully, I must admit my actual practice outside the classroom has been sporadic.  Thus, one of my new goals is discipline. I enjoy Neel's classes immensely.  Neel is knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects and has a gentle, peaceful, patient spirit about him.  I continue to recommend his classes and instructional aids to my friends, family, and co-workers.  Really, I would recommend his classes to everyone. I wish you peace.
Cathy Andrews


I met Neel Kulkarni in the summer of 2002 on the heels of an unsuccessful attempt to train for a marathon.  It has been an auspicious meeting for me.  At the time I was experiencing knee pain and asthma symptoms exacerbated by the training.   In response to Neel's question about my goals for the class, I said I wanted more strength, flexibility, and to alleviate the asthmatic symptoms.  Regarding the knee pain, Neel said, "Don't worry about it."  Regarding the asthma he said, "The asthma can be eradicated in six months.  Are you ready to make some changes in your diet?"  Thus began my journey into yoga.  I stand about 30 pounds lighter and no longer take any asthma medications. (I was taking pills and using an inhaler.)  The knee pain is off and on, but lessening. Neel's personalized approach to teaching is most impressive.  The exercise classes are challenging.  The meditation/philosophy classes are stimulating.  A different way of looking at the world than what I am accustomed to.  What I enjoy as much as anything about the classes is the interesting people I meet.  I would heartily recommend Auhtentic Yoga Classes to anyone.


Cathy Andrews

Basketball Team, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

As a college basketball coach for the last thirty-two years, I have spent a great deal of time trying to learn more and more about strength development, conditioning, and flexibility. We have had an outstanding basketball program with players who have been in great shape. However, this year we made the decision to include yoga in our pre-season workouts and are extremely pleased that we did. The yoga classes were a tremendous help to my team. Neel Kulkarni did an outstanding job of explaining, teaching, and demonstrating what yoga is all about. We saw excellent improvement with all our players in the areas of flexibility, relaxation, breathing, focus, and strength during the ten-week ten session program. Neel’s simple explanations and demonstrations were very impressive. Flexibility is so important and our players learned so much about how to relax, visualize, and stay focused. I was so impressed I also shared this information with my wife and the two of us have now begun yoga exercises at home daily. I would recommend Neel to anyone interested in learning about yoga. His enthusiasm and obvious yoga talent makes it very enjoyable to work with him.


Jim Larranaga,
Head Basketball Coach


Kelly McFarland, Nurse, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

My goal at the onset of the class was to increase concentration of mind. Build more mind control over body. I have achieved more flexibility and concentration. Though I do not practice very regularly, after grauduation, I hope to incorporate the practice into my daily routine. Great Instruction!!!! Thank you.


Kelly McFarland

George Mason University, Summer 2003, Virginia

Neel is a very good instructor. He knows your limits before you do. His experience and insights are well worth the drive. Goal was to loose weight, which was achieved by the loss of 10 pounds, with the practice only once a week in the class.


My goal was knowing Yoga and weight loss. I practiced only once a week in the class. The class was very interesting and helpful.


My goal was to become more flexible and to tone my whole body, and to use these yoga exercises as a daily routine. I practiced at least 40 minutes on a daily basis. My goal was achieved. I would like to review all the exercises learned in class, so far, only to make sure i am doing them all correctly and to remember them so they can be useful for me in the future.

Nalini Khosla
Honestly, I basically took this class for supporting my mother, who was interested in it. But, I was hoping to increase my flexibility and breathing techniques. I started regular practice only later in the course, about twice a week, only with selected yoga exercises. I would say that my gola was achieved, and, yes I am very happy with my yoga ability. I feel the instruction overall was satisfactory, but would have liked more instructions on a person to person basis. I feel the tapes for the relaxation practice were a bit redundant.

Verna Samson, International Monitory Fund, Washington D.C.

I really appreciate the instructions I received from you and the opportunity to experience Authentic Yoga. Glad to know you had a good trip home and found a new project out of your travel. Best of luck to you. Regarding yoga classes, I've decided to stop. I realize the practice would have given me long-term benefits, but I decided it isn't for me after all. I honestly just can't find enough time to put in every day, which is practically needed to do it right. At least I can say I tried it. Thanks for the experience, though.

Verna Samson

Dr. SG, Mathematics Scientist, Fairfax, Virginia

Neel, Yesterday's class was great!  Even though I have been doing these simple poses for the last 2 years with you, now I am appreciating the finer points that I didn't get before. (Stretch coming from navel, lower back going down, ....)
Goals for this semester:  (continue from before) flexibility of neck and shoulders   (new)  flexibility of legs: quads and hamstrings I'll be in India next month. So, unfortunately, I'll sign up for the punch-card at GMU this semester.


As usual, the class has been good. This semester I practiced only 20 min a day regularly. My goal is neck flexibility which is not fully achieved yet.


When I started yoga one year back, I wasn't able to even put my head on the ground for too long. One year later I can do headstand in the middle of the room without needing the support of the wall.  This speaks volumes about Neel's methodical teaching approach. I also used to have lot of problems with allergies .... sneezing, wheezing, and colds that used to last a long time. Neel suggested that I stop taking any milk and milk products for 2 months. I am on a almost vegan diet for 4 months now. All my allergies and colds are completely cured.


Years of intense running, including 8 marathons, had left me very inflexible, creating stiff neck and back problems. Within a few weeks of doing Yoga, my problems started going away. Now that I have been taking Neel's class for a few months, I feel like a new person. I also tried other Yoga styles such as Anusara, Phonex Rising, Fit Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. However, the personalized attention given to students in Neel's class is unmatched.


Dr. SG

Nilesh Jade, Yoga Teacher & Computer Engineer, Falls Church, Virginia - Teacher Trainee

Authentic Yoga Teacher Training Feedback - The teacher training was conducted in a true spirit of Yoga.The structure of the training course was good, with a emphasis on a student maintaining the Log for the Home practice.There was also peer to peer review of the yoga classes as well as students conducting the same. The only requirement for teacher training is a strict discipline.


Authentic Yoga sessions are not only good for Asanas(poses), but also have deep rooted philosophy in it. Anybody who wants to learn Yoga from Philosophical Indian perspective should definitely try Authentic Yoga. Since practising for a year, it helped me a lot, in knowing  limitations and setting up expectations, thus helping to reduce mental stress. It definitely improved the health, reducing  weight and keeing it under control without any major effort.
- Nilesh Jade.


Nilesh Jade

Girl Scout Club, Oakton, Virginia

Thank you so much for the class.  The girls really enjoyed it.  They were all talking after you left about how much they loved it. Thank you again. See you on Friday.
Whitney, The Girl Scout Leader, Oakton, VA



Drs. Menetta Myers, Clinical Psychologist, Virginia

Feedback:  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student of yoga under the direction of Neel Kulkarni.  His dedication to a yoga lifestyle comes across in his knowledge of philosophy, meditation, Hatha yoga, and a variety of other subjects.  Yoga has helped me to feel more centered and better able to manage stress.  I also feel physically stronger and healthier.  I would recommend Authentic Yoga to anybody interested in learning yoga from a true Yogi.  Neel can adjust his teachings to any experience level and any special need-even in a classroom with several students.
Menetta Myers


I have been practicing yoga (including meditation and philosophy) under the guidance of Neel for almost 3 years now.  Initially, I forced myself to go because I needed an outlet for work related stress and a friend suggested that yoga might be beneficial.  Currently, I am much more motivated to attend class, partly because of the benefits I have noticed and partly because of Neel's enthusiasm and dedication to the teaching of yoga.  Neel has taken me under his wing and provided me with encouragement and support while gently nudging me to push my limits and work toward my goal.  He is extremely attentive to the needs of each of his students and he develops the overall goal of the class based on the personal goals of each student.  He caters his lectures and practice to the class goal and he is flexible when new topics are suggested by his students.  He is knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and he is able communicate complex philosophical concepts in an easily understandable manner.  From my observations, he is willing and able to answer any questions from his students and address any concerns that are presented to him. In between classes or for private concerns, he is accessible by email and will respond promptly.  Neel is genuinely invested in yoga as a lifestyle and it shows in his style of teaching and his interactions with his students.  I feel fortunate that my introduction to yoga was with Neel and I plan to continue this journey with him as my guide.


I have been practicing Yoga under Neel's supervision for approximately two years. I appreciate the individual attention I receive from Neel, even in group classes. He helps each student to identify and attain their goals. My personal goal is stress reduction and I have been able to reach and maintain that goal by practicing with Neel regularly and listening to the information he offers on Nutrition, Yoga Practice, Meditation, and Philosophy. He has a vast knowledge base and he has a way of pushing me to stay motivated without making me feel overwhelmed. I am very pleased with the progress I have made and surprised by what I have been able to get my body to do!


Drs. Menetta Myers

Elsie Neely, Yoga Teacher and Educationist, Washington D.C

I am Elsie T. Neely, a yoga student and teacher trained by Neel Koulkarni, the following is my testimonial about Neel Kulkarni as a yoga instructor:
Classes with Neel were an honor because of his superior knowledge of yoga.  He possesses the skill of knowing where to start a student when they first enter his class.  This is an important step, because many new yoga students are freightened or turned-off when they initially start a class because the teacher doesn't differentiate instruction for each student.  When I was a new student, my goal was to learn the yoga headstand, which I had never attempted, and thought was impossible for me.  Neel began to train me giving me suggestions to concentrate on as I was attempting the pose.  He would add another major suggestion, at each class.  I was a diligent student with my home practice, so I eventually learned to do the yoga headstand.  Teaching the headstand is difficult, because their is a potential for serious injury.  However, Neel was able to teach me in such a way that I never experienced any difficulty in my efforts to conquer the pose.

Neel uses props with precision.  Students are able to assume a variation of a particular pose with the use of props: this allows the student to develop confidence and strength before removing the props.  His instructions are sequential, and direct.  His students know they are to constantly seek perfection of the pose with his gentle and patient prodding.

Yoga philosophy is basic to the student who aspires to make yoga a part of their life.  Neel is the consumate yoga philosophy instructor.  He uses Pantanjali, Ayangar, and many other ancient and current thinkers interpretation of yoga philosophy.  However, his knowledge is so very astute, that he creates yoga aphorisms, and philosophy.  As a philosophy teacher, he methodically introduces concepts and ideas in such a way that understanding is facilitated.  After each of his presentations of yoga theory, students are encouraged to seek clarification, or futher interpretation.  During my classes with him, he has been able to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction.

I am a yoga teacher trained by Neel, and I can say that I feel that he trained me to be a good teacher, because he informed me that I will never know all their is to know about yoga in my lifetime.  Consequently, I constantly read material by the ancients and current yoga philosophers.   As I read, I learn many new techniques and ideas that help my students and strengthen my teaching skills.  If ever I need help with an issue related to yoga, Neel willingly provides the help for as long as it takes for me to grasp the concept (at no charge of course).

The most valuable trait that I observed in Neel is that yoga should not have money as basis.  He always has students in his class who will never pay him.  As anyone who studies yoga knows, the ancient yogis were never paid, they were provided with food, clothing and other basic needs by their students.  My students pay what they can afford, and if they can't pay, they are still allowed to take my classes.

I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with Neel, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Elsie Neely


Reflections on your teaching of the advanced teacher training and yoga classes for 2002-2003:
1.    I liked the idea of designing a program to meet each student's needs. It allowed me to clarify issues that were confusing.
2.    The size of the class was ideal. I received one on one attention, which allowed me to refine some of my asanas. Your manner of teaching allows a student to know what they need to work on to approach perfection of a pose. Additionally, following your advice about doing the asana first, as close to perfection as possible, the teachers are capable of before teaching it. When you concentrate on the poses you can better tell your students points to work on so that they can do the poses with ease.
3.    I liked the detailed explanations you gave about yoga theory, the asanas and what they mean and how they benefit parts of the body. You also supplied valuable books that provided in depth knowledge about many aspects of yoga.
4.    I disliked the idea that you formed the written exams while we were in the midst of class. I felt it implied that you did not plan well, the exam should have been prepared and handed to us. I feel that professionally such behavior appears that it was a last minute process. If a college professor did such behavior his job would be in jeopardy.

Overall I feel that I am better prepared than most yoga teachers in the USA because of your superior knowledge and understanding of yoga. You trained me to notice and listen to my body, to practice to get perfection, and that you usually never reach perfection yet you still try. I must say that in your class I have done things that I thought were impossible for me, as a result my confidence increased. Physically I am much stronger because of your training, more willing to try what seems to be the most difficult of poses, and more aware of my posture at all times. Additionally, I feel that there is much more I need to learn from you.


Critique of advance yoga training: The major goals I sought as I entered the advanced yoga training class were, to learn how to use yoga for specific therapy, and to improve my ability to perfect certain asanas. I did improve my backbends tremendously, and learned about some theraputic applications, but I would like to learn more. I find Neel Kulkarni to be one of the most highly qualified yoga instructors in the area. He is trained in the classical style of yoga, to which he has made personal adaptations to form his personal style of yoga, known as Authentic Yoga. He skillfully uses props, encouragement, and gently applied discipline with his students to make them do things they never thought they could do. My first class with Neel was marked with incredulity at the idea that I could ever succeed in doing certain Asanas. In due course, and with expert guidance, I was able to perform the asanas that I once thought were impossible. The advanced teacher training involved in depth lectures on health, yoga theory and philosophy. The health and nutritrion classes were very informative and enabled me to improve on my vegan diet. I feel that the health and nutritrion information is as vital as completing the asanas. The healthier the body the more prepared it is to do hard work. Yoga theory and philosophy helped to make sense of the entire concept of yoga. Many people take yoga for the physical aspects only; they miss the essence of yoga. Knowing the theory and philosophy has enabled me to concentrate more, to focus on my breathing, and to begin to explore meditation. I am about to take additional yoga teacher training and I expect to compound my knowledge as an instructor. I look forward to my next class and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn from a master.


This is my feedback of the teacher training class: The class was quite comprehensive. I am certain after listening to some of the tapes you could have used more time. That will probably be for advanced or further teacher training. I enjoyed the class and learned so much. It stimulated my brain and activated my body and mind. The lectures were most valuable for me as a teacher and for my personal life. They affirmed much of what I do for well being, and I learned more that I can do. The spiritual goal and mind and body training concepts helped me to improve my poses and meditation.    I am reading the book you gave me to gain more insight, since I want to teach yoga. I will seek more training in different forms of yoga so that I will be more informed.    On a rating of 1-10 I give the class a 10. You have great command of the material you presented, and you explain concepts in practical terms.  I feel that I have had my initial training from a true master. I am very thankful. The only Improvement I have is that it would have good if we stuck to time schedules. Sincerely, Elsie T. Neely


I will be taking the class on Wednesday. By the way, it is my observation that you are a good teacher. As a trained educator I see you using practices that I teach to school staffs. You are following some practices that are considered vital to the success of students. For each class the students know what material is to be covered. You allow questioning which provides for clarity. You are very patient. The main thing is there is no applied stress. I look forward to the next class. Elsie T. Neely


Elsie Neely

George Mason University, Fall 2004, Fairfax, Virginia

Pruneh (prafat1@yahoo.com) - My objective was to be able to relax and this class helped me in relaxing. Also, the Relaxation for Meditation CD was very helpful and helped me in practing at home.

Hardeep Grover (hgrover@gmu.edu) - Have loved everything so far.

SG - Some improvement in flexibility. Need longer class with more exercise. Can not live without Yoga.

Joan Pollaci (JoanPollaci@netzero.com) - Your Yoga class has helped me in the following ways: a) gained more flexibility b)improved my postures c)gained strength d)felt more relaxed e)learnt new postures.

Christine San (dvaleo@yahoo.com) - I find Yoga is so hard. I was discouraged in the first three classes, especially during the Headstand. But then, it got a little easier. So, I hope to stay for the next session if I begin to get used to the strenuous strength exercises.

George Mason University

Pamela McDonald, Alexandria, Virginia

About your Yoga school-- I see that what you offer is much more than what the "marketed" American yoga schools offer. You provide a complete teaching--an awakened way of being that includes Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, and Hatha yoga. I experience you as a spiritual teacher who uses yoga as the means or path to an awakened life. I immediately experienced a transmission upon meeting you--that which cannot be put into words--but is what I translated into an "inner knowing" that I had found the right teacher for me. I feel that transmission every time I am in your presence. The beauty of being a student of Authentic Yoga is that I feel completely
accepted and known from a very deep place in you. I realize that I trust you completely without hesitation from a place of inner knowing in me (and that sense of deep trust is rare for me). Your knowledge of yoga and the spirit is not book knowledge, it comes from within you and that is very special and rare. I believe the "right" students will find you and that your job may be to find a way to let them know you are here.

19 October 2004

Pamela McDonald

Ed McDonald, Engineer, Alexandria, Virginia

Good morning Neel, I would like to thank you for a fantastic chanting workshop and your
guidance to incorporate an additional mantra in my daily life. Sunday morning, I extended my regular morning meditating by silently repeating many of the chants you introduced to us and experienced very positive effects. My back feels better and I only have slightly more than a memory of the discomfort. Also my back is feeling very straight and strong. Thank you again.

31st Jan 2005
Hello Neel: Thank you for the terrific classes this weekend. Your style of teaching is having a very positive affect on me. Also I would like to thank you most particularly of for the time and attention you put into answering my questions. Some things take a while to sink in; your patience and sincerity shorten that time for me considerably. I began reading the book you
gave me, Autobiography of Sivananda and find it hard to put down because it seems to
have been written with my questions in mind.
Sincerely, Ed

February 2005

Ed McDonald

Carla Vercoe, Pilates Instructor, Oakton, Virginia


I originally starting taking classes from you at Authentic Yoga School once a week with the intention of “undoing” all the damage I do to my body during the week. With running and spinning my body truly needs the extra attention that yoga gives me in addition to my pilates training. After just a couple of months, I realized that my once a week yoga class was the one thing I do that I truly looked forward to. In addition to a great workout, I get a feeling of inner peace and contentment and I try to keep that feeling throughout the day.

Your teaching method is personable and your students are always pleasant and make the experience complete. After my two personal training sessions at the end of last year, I have begun my own home practice which I try to do 3 to 5 times a week. After just a couple of weeks of your personalized training, my husband and associates noticed improvement in my back and posture. I am having less back pain and am able to sit and stand much straighter than I have in the past. My scoliosis is on it’s way to being corrected. In addition to my new posture, I have made new friends at Authentic Yoga School.

Carla  Vercoe

Carla Vercoe

Green Hedges School, Vienna, Virginia

To Whom It May Concern:
Mr. Neel Kulkarni directed and taught Yoga Classes at Green Hedges School during the winter trimester of 2005. Mr. Kulkarni's classes consisted of seven students who chose to participate in Yoga as an After School Activity Offering.  The course lasted ten weeks during the winter trimester.  The students in the class ranged in age from 5 years old through grade 5. During the 10 week course the students were taught various Yoga moves, as well as the essentials of mind and body focus.  All of the children greatly enjoyed the program, and we would love to have Mr. Kulkarni to teach another After School Activity at our school.
Thank you,

Elizabeth Cozzolino
Director of After School and Summer Programs
Green Hedges School

March 16, 2005

Elizabeth Cozzolino
Green Hedges School

John Kokur, Music Major, GMU, Fairfax, Virginia

"The "Authentic Yoga" class taught on the George Mason campus is a great  introduction into the world of Yoga.  Neel Kulkarni structures his class around his students and is willing to go out of his way to help you.  He has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Yoga.  In one class, you will learn exercises and poses, meditation, philosophy, and advice for a healthy lifestyle.  In my experience in just the last few months, I have found that daily practice of the exercises taught in this class promotes a definite sense of well-being and physical health. Contemplation of the philosophical ideas (seeking their truth in your life) and meditation practice leads to mental peace.  Thank you Neel for sharing your experience and knowledge."

April 15, 2005

John Kokur

Katherine A. Banfield, Registered Yoga Teacher, Virginia

My name is Katie Banfield and I have been studying yoga from Neel for over a year now. I had the good luck of meeting Neel at a point in my practice when I was looking for a teacher who could really offer personal attention and guidance. As a yoga teacher myself and a fairly advanced practitioner of asana, I felt the need for a teacher who understood the science very deeply and could meet me at my level of experience. Neel is not only a great teacher, he is a master practitioner of all aspects of yoga. Just when I think there cant be anymore to uncover, he opens up an immense body of knowledge for me to explore. I have particularly enjoyed the time we have spent together discussing philosophy, chanting, and the culture of India. I feel that I have been blessed to have met such a jewel here in the West. After four trips to India, I was skeptical about finding a competent and authentic teacher outside of Asia, but I have found one here in Virginia. It would take me more than one lifetime to learn the techniques that Neel considers familiar, but I am excited to have begun that process with someone I consider a brother, teacher, spiritual guide and friend.
Katherine A. Banfield

Katherine A. Banfield

George Mason University, Spring 2005, Fairfax, Virginia

Hello Neel,
I was in your GMU Friday night Yoga class.  I enjoyed the class very much.  I feel privileged to have learned from such an experienced and knowledgable teacher.  The yoga classes helped me in many ways.  My friends and family noticed a change in my stressful life as I became a happier and more relaxed person.   Also, I feel healthier and stronger.  I would like to continue taking your classes.  Where will you be teaching this summer?
Thank you,
Neha Shah

Here is my feedback regarding the Yoga class:
(1) After each class I felt quite energized and relaxed. It has been great for both my mind and body. It helped improve my flexibility and control over my mind and body.
(2) I would like to have this class twice a week, to get more practice and more workout.
(3) It would be nice to have a quiter room assigned to this Yoga class, which does not face the swimming-pool (if at all possible).
(4) I (finally) managed to listen to the CD with the relaxing techniques..Relaxation For Meditation using Authentic Yoga System. Very effective!
Here is the feedback for the GMU class.
"I have been taking Neel's yoga classes for almost 3 years and continue to enjoy individualized exercises; the classes are tailored according to students' needs and goals. Neel got me hooked on yoga. I would prefer GMU yoga classes meeting twice a week. Just once
a week is not sufficient."

George Mason University

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, Fall 2005

I would first like to say that I cannot make it to class tonight. Once again my academic deadlines are getting in the way of fitness and peace of mind. However: Your classes are exactly the kind of yoga I am looking for. I really appreciate the long periods of time that are spent on each pose. There is no rushing anything and that is the best way to really feel your body and let it tell you where you need work. I like that you are a wealth of knowledge about what real yoga is. It is important to me to know what the details of breathing are and if I am really doing something wrong or whether there is a median way of doing things. These next couple of weeks are really going to be tough but I would love to get a few private session before the end of the year.

Todd Watkins

Dear Neel, I thoroughly enjoyed your classes once again this Fall 2005 semester. I regret that I was unable to attend a few of them due to conflicts. Fridays would be a better day for me. I appreciated your incorporation of chanting into the class. I think I learn the most during the talks on healthy living or yoga at the beginning. I would like to continue studying yoga, do you offer any other classes on night or weekends? Thank you very much for you help.
John Kocur, jkocur@gmu.edu

Dear Neel,
My name is Eileen, I am one of the students for yoga class in GMU. I think I made right decision for taking yoga class and am lucky to be one of a students of you. You had given me first image of yoga, the philosophy, and spirit. I really enjoy doing it and wish to continue my yoga experience.


This class has been very interesting and enjoyable. I would prefer a little more structure and repetition of same poses, and formations that are overall beneficial (all rounded). Thank you!

Alaka Rastogi

I enjoyed the class; Yoga even helped my neck treatment combined with my chiropractor adjustments.

Hakan, hinag@gmu.edu

I enjoyed the course and how relaxed Yoga makes me feel.It helped me reduce the stress.


I enjoyed ending my Thursdays with a challenging yoga class. To begin each class, Neel asked each student if s/he had any questions or concerns, and tailored the class to meet special needs of individual students. I especially liked the fact that we spend several minutes with each pose, working at our own pace to achieve maximum personal benefits.
Christy Rauch

I would like you to know that I enjoy the class very much. We cover a variety of exercises and topics, and I feel like I have learned a great deal. I have only one request. When we learn a new exercise, can you please tell us its name and objective? I enjoy learning about yoga theory, as well. Thank you.
Neha Shah

Hi Neel! I liked the class at GMU on Thursdays. At first I only went because it's the most convenient time for me. But, even though it's not an advanced class, I always found that the class was challenging. I appreciate learning different approaches to poses that I had learned before. Since starting the teacher training I really like being able to see methods of teaching an all levels class. Will the class be the same time next semester?
Dr. Sue Ann, Yoga Teacher Trainee

George Mason University

Studio 11, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

I really enjoyed Neel's presentation on fri. I especially liked how he explained to practice head stand and progress to it. Believe it or not I was considering exploring that for a fitness goal (along with a couple of other things). I just wanted to let you know that I thought the session was very valuable. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had made plans not knowing the session would be extended. Have a good day! See you soon!

paula Hackley


Om Neel: It's wonderful to hear from you & am glad to hear you had a good experience in your first visit to Cleveland. We've had a lot of positive feedback (verbal) about your workshop & the students have a new sense of enthusiasm regarding their headstands & their attempts at headstand. Kate & I are planning an inversion clinic for the new year to build on your workshop. We appreciate you taking the time to share your expertise & your spirit.

Tiiu Gennert and Kate Murch, Directors, Studio 11

Studio 11

Carolyn Flitcroft, Leesburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

It's a privilege to receive Neel's Authentic Yoga instruction. He joyfully communicates his deep knowledge through his unique style of Hatha Yoga instruction, Meditation and Chanting.

Carolyn (1+ year student of Neel, currently student of Acupuncture, and previously a Marshall Arts Student)


Carolyn Flitcroft

Merritt Academy Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Neel, I did talk with the students who took your yoga class in the Spring Semester. They loved it! They enjoyed feeling as though they could do something special, and they think you are very cool. You received praise from the parents who saw you "in action" too, including my husband. Mrs. Al-Qatou, Sarah's mom, was quite impressed.

Linda Potts
Special Programs

Eileen K, Vienna, Virginia, USA

One of the reasons I am enjoying your teaching so much is the emphasis on listening from within and the quiet that prevails while we are holding postures. It is different from many of the types of instructions we, what, as Westerners, are used to. As you know, I am very interested in learning about yoga in all respects, which means I am also very interested in knowing what the different postures do for the body and how they benefit the various systems. Any plans for a book outlining your poses, how to do them and and their benefits?

I think that as a very new yoga student, more cues and explanation can be helpful but I am finding that too much detracts from my experience. This comment of course does not apply to you but rather other instructors I have taken classes with. I suppose the interested student will seek out books or discussion with the teacher to expand their knowledge. Thank you for inviting me to the teacher training class. I will be very interested in seeing how both Carolyn and Nancy develop a style natural to them.

I plan to watch your CD's shortly so I will give you feedback on them if it would be helpful to you. I watched part of Sun Salutation I yesterday and look forward to seeing the second level one. I better get my niece over here to watch them as they are leaving on the 5th.

Please express to Carolyn again, how much I enjoyed her class. I think she did a great job and she should feel good about how her class went. Also, please thank Nancy for her music. I'm sorry for her bike accident but very happy that I was able to hear her play. And of course than her for the delicious food afterward.


I have read your Health and Yoga Aphorisms book twice now and have found it to be very concise, clear, informative and helpful. It summarizes, in one place, some of the topics I had been reading about and provided clear explanations. I love your story about the five friends in the garden (Aphorism 16) and how they came about to eat what they do.

I know that with each subsequent reading I will find new understanding of your aphorisms. I can already tell, after reading Vivekananda's Raja Yoga, that my understanding is deepening. I plan on sharing this with my niece. I think it will serve her well if she finds it interesting at this point in her life.

As you already know, I LOVE the CD you made that accompanies your book. Perhaps one day I will read along while I listen to it. Now I just enjoy the melodic flow of your voice and the background instrument playing. I find it VERY relaxing and soothing.

I am going to start reading your book again now, as I have been flipping through the pages as I think and type. Your book has me thinking about what I am feeding my body.


Eileen K

George Mason University - Fall 2006, Fairax, Virginia, USA

This semester I acheived both stress relief and weight loss while taking yoga. The classes helped me keep my anxiety and stress level low, helped me clear my mind and also helped my body by aiding me in loosing 7 pounds over the last few months. If you want a class that will challenge you both mentally and physically, I recomend Neel's yoga class. -

George Mason University

Anne Jablonski, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.

I haven't been able to take as many classes this past fall with Neel as in the past because my schedule is pretty full, but it's nonetheless been another great year of spending many happy Saturday mornings, especially in the summer, in wonderful classes at his home. I'm blessed in my life to have many terrific teachers who have influenced my practice in so many positive ways, and Neel's approach has been especially helpful in cleaning up my alignment in yoga asanas as well as with learning even more about the gift we can give ourselves with a steady meditation practice. I am intensely grateful Neel's warm-hearted approach to classes and attentiveness to individual students' needs, and count myself very lucky that I was introduced to him in 2005. When my schedule clears up a bit more, I'm hoping to return to more of his classes.

Hi Neel,
I just HAVE to tell you that the last couple of classes with you have done MORE for me than I ever imagined possible. As with any learning, I think sometimes that the mastery of something--or the glimpse of the possibility of mastery--like a given pose, comes in small increments and a person often doesn't realize how much the little increments have added up over time. But your ability to focus in on what SEEMS like a small single element of a pose and NOT confuse things too much with a lot of explanation of everything else that may or may not be following FROM that element? It's opened up all kinds of new doors for me in my practice. Yesterday was the first time I'd ever been able to lift into sirsasana with straight legs--and I'm sure it was because your instruction finally got me focused on the right SINGLE thing I'd been ignoring. You're a great teacher, Neel!


I've absolutely loved my classes with Neel. I was introduced to him this past fall by a yoga teacher I very much respected, and have incorporated weekly classes with him when I can into my already packed schedule of yoga classes at a local studio and my home practice. It's been well worth the time and effort, since Neel's classes are unlike any other I've taken in my two years of intensely studying yoga. His approach has been a huge 'force multiplier' for me in terms of taking my practice deeper. He very carefully dissects asanas down to their individual elements and has his students spend a considerable time focusing on each component of the pose. For me, it's been a surprisingly powerful means to turn my attention inwardly. Moreover, the small class size means that he is able to devote intense attention to each student's unique needs and where they are in their practice and in their poses. Best of all, when Neel is asked a question, he really LISTENS closely and his answers are always thoughtful and detailed. He really listens very closely to and observes his students with great attention, and I always leave Neel's class with a great deal of fresh insight into my practice. My home practice has benefited greatly, and I find myself being much more attentive and mindful to the individual elements of every pose--even the ones that I haven't worked on in classes with Neel. The seemingly simple act of spending time, mindfully, in a small handful of poses has done more to teach me about the power of breath and the concept of relaxing into, rather than forcefully jamming myself into, asanas. Many of the openings I've experienced--not just in asanas but in my meditation practice--are due in no small part to the lessons I learn from seemingly 'little elements' of the poses in classes with Neel. Finally, the lighthearted and warm spirit of the classes makes them one of the most lovely parts of my week!


Anne Jablonski

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A. - Spring 2007

I am still new to yoga but have always been passionate about it. I have had some great teachers in the past but working with Neel was a wondrous pleasure. His class really felt personal and the student teacher relationship was very strong. This class has become the highlight of my week! I spend days looking forward to the next time. No matter what I will never forget the time spent doing yoga with Neel.
Miguet Schwab, GMU Student.

I took the Authentic Yoga Teacher Training program this year. If you are interested in yoga, this is a class worth taking because it goes really in depth. The class helps to focus on the areas you’re most interested in improving and the results can be seen after few months. Overall it was an enjoyable experience. I always left class feeling energized and content.

Liza D, 04/00/2007

Hi Mr. Kulkarni,
I have enjoyed taking the Authentic Yoga class with you this semester. I have been able to achieve my short-term goal of learning something new, since I had never been exposed to yoga exercise before your class. I hope I will be able to learn and use more yoga after this semester. I gained several benefits for physical and mental health. Every time I finish each session I feel better mentally and physically. The benefits I have learned and gained from your Authentic Yoga class are increased flexibility, stronger muscles, and a calmer mind. The meditation at the end of each class has helped me feel more relaxed and calm about life. Thank you!

Helen Kwong

George Mason University

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A. - Summer 2007

I decided to join this Yoga class hoping that it would help release my stress, stretch my body and probably fix the bone problems that I have had. It turns out that I have learnt a lot more than I expected. I learnt an original context of how Yoga was practiced and that Meditation plays a significant role in our class. After long hours of work, I sometimes got lazy to come to the class. But, I pushed myself to come, which I did not regret. The class is really awesome. I definitely will join the class again in the Fall.

Win, pinalaiwo@gmu.edu

This class has surprised me in a very positive way. Yoga is what the instructor makes of it, and Neel makes it a deep and enrichment experience that goes into the roots of Yoga. This class is more than a fitness series of postures. It is as he calls it, "Authentic Yoga".

Gloria, Post Doctoral Researcher in Psychology

This is my first Yoga class and it has been great. Some of the exercises were difficult for me, but i suppose in time, I shall get better. Great class!

Jessica, Ph.D. Computer Science

This was a good class. i liked the chanting and exercises both. I would like to do more activities on the feet. The class was well organized.

Al Rao, Software Engineer

George Mason University

Lidsay Elder, Advanced Yoga Student, Maryland, USA

I very much enjoyed my time on Tuesday evening. Now, I understand what Denny meant when he said yours is a class very different from, and in fact better than the run of the mill yoga experience. Your style of teaching is indeed more unique than any I have experienced. I do look forward to learning a great deal more from you. Unfortunately, because I live in Crofton Maryland, I cannot commit to regular attendance of your classes, but I do look forward to learning through your DVDs and audios.


Lidsay Elder

Dr. SG, Mathematics Scientist, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

How Yoga helped me
I used to run marathons. However, I never bothered to stretch properly. I just liked running so much that I never
thought about how it hurt my body. After eight marathons and numerous other races, each preceded by literally hundreds of miles of training, all done without proper stretching, my muscles became so taut and stiff that they started hurting seriously: from neck to back to hamstrings. On top of that, I had a car accident where I had a neck whiplash, the last straw. At that time, I, suddenly and fortunately, learned about how yoga helped a friend of mine with his ski injuries. He told me that he tried everything, from physical therapy to cortisone injections. In the end, yoga helped him. So, I decided to try yoga, typed in yoga and fairfax in google, and discovered Neel Kulkarni's class. Within six months of classes, with back and neck stretching exercises, my neck and back pain was mostly gone, and completely gone within two years. I am still trying to get my hamstrings back to the original level of
flexibility. The improvements are slow but steady.

Neel Kulkarni helped me in another way. During one of his classes on the carpet, I started sneezing repeatedly. I suspected that my allergies were triggered by dust or cat hair on the carpet. Neel disagreed and asked me if I drank milk. I told him that I drank a lot of milk. He told me that my lungs' mucous lining were inflamed because of milk and were particularly sensitive to dust. At his suggestion, I stopped drinking milk for two months. Lo and
behold, after getting worse for one month, my dust allergies were completely gone. I have stopped drinking milk for several years now though I eat yoghurt and cheese without any problems. I use soymilk wherever milk is used.


Dr. SG

Ellen H, School Teacher, Vienna, Virginia, USA

Hi Neel,
Tuesday evening Yoga at Evolution: Yoga not only helps strengthen the body but nurtures the spirit. It is a wonderful discipline for young and old alike.


Hi Neel,
Many thanks for your kind note. Yes, I must ascribe some of the credit to your Yoga class! There is an authenticity to your class which makes it a meaningful experience. It has, indeed, helped me to improve my mental and physical well being. There is much to learn...
Kind regards,
Ellen H


Ellen H

Bob and Joelle Rudney, Vienna, Virginia, USA

"My wife and I have regularly attended Neel Kulkarni's yoga classes for the past two years. Neel is a phenomenal, dedicated teacher whose classes reflect his deep spirituality, commitment, and compassion. I have a disability, and Neel went to tremendous lengths to design exercises that would accommodate my disability and bring me maximum benefit from yoga. We miss him greatly and look forward to seeing him again next summer."


Bob and Joelle Rudney

Avinash Kondagunta, Merrifield, Virginia, USA

Hey Neel,

Happy new year to you too! I am doing good. I have been practicing yoga regularly and I can feel the difference. I have been missing a few days in between but my new year's resolution is to cut that down! :-)


Avinash Kondagunta

Dr. Sue Ann Lewin, Yoga Teacher Trainee, Stress Reduction Specialist, Doctor of Chropractic, Virginia, U.S.A.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life … running, martial arts, triathlon, step aerobics, etc. When my spiritual path took a turn towards the East, back in the 70’s, it seemed that yoga would be a perfect fit, so I tried it. I hated it. Classes were either boring, or frustrating, or sometimes both. I didn’t stay with it.

I tried again in college while getting my degree in exercise physiology. I still hated it. When I became a chiropractor, 20 years ago, I tried again. I knew I should be doing yoga, but I just didn’t resonate. I kept trying, though. I never found a class I liked.

Finally, a few years ago a new yoga studio opened up nearby and I tried again. This time I was really impressed with the approach of these teachers. After a few years, when I made it to an “advanced class”, I met Neel.

Neel was very different from the other teachers. I liked his style of teaching right away. He teaches for people who are serious about yoga. I have found it difficult to take classes from other people now. For several reasons.

Many yoga teachers seem to place a lot of emphasis on knowing the Sanskrit names of the poses. Neel (who is a Sanskrit scholar) never uses those names. He just shows us what to do and we did it. It seems much more efficient to me.

Other teachers would tell me that yoga was about self discovery, and then give me all kinds of information about the poses, what I should be feeling, how it should be done, even telling me at which yoga workshop they learned that specific piece of information. Neel would say, “Do this pose for a while and you will learn something”. He teaches concepts, not details. As long as I’m doing yoga according to the concepts, the details will come.

All teachers encouraged a home practice. Neel always started the class by asking if there were any questions. At first, I wondered why he didn’t wait until the end of class. Then I realized that the questions would come from a doing yoga at home. It was a subtle and effective way of encouraging a home practice. I noticed that whenever I asked a question, no matter how profound or trivial or seemingly “non-yogic”, Neel would usually be able to quote a passage from the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali that was directly related. Later on I realized that by having a question and doing the practice, I frequently got the answer on my own.

There are several yoga studios closer to my home, with classes at more convenient times. I was never really tempted to try them out. I have come to realize what a unique individual Neel is and how fortunate I am that he teaches in my area. This year when Neel announced that he and Nancy were moving to India, I tried to define for myself why that is. I do like the way he teaches, but it’s much more than that. It’s because of who he is.

I have taken many yoga classes with other great teachers. I may be making this up, but I have always felt that some level, probably subconsciously and some more blatantly than others every one of them was trying to get me to realize how great they are. I always feel that Neel is trying to get me to realize how great I am.


When Neel told me his teacher training was 14 classes, I was intrigued. There are thousands of asanas. How could he teach me every one, and how to teach them all in just 14 weeks? It's impossible.

I learned so much more. From the first class, I knew I was in the right place. By teaching me the concepts for teaching in the Authentic Yoga System, Neel taught me a simple and effective method to teach what I already know. I realized that my whole life became the teacher training.
Thank you, Neel.
Dr. Sue Ann Lewine, Stress Reduction Specialist ad Doctor of Chiropractic, Virginia, USA
01 /20/2006

Dr. Sue Ann Lewin

Denny Grossman, Ecology Scientist, Vienna, Virginia, U.S.A.

"Neel has continued to provide valuable guidance to my yoga practice over the past year. Neel is a unique teacher with comprehensive knowledge of yoga philosophy, tradition and practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to study with him."




I have been a yoga student with Neel over the past year.  His breadth and depth of knowledge regarding the history and philosopy of yoga represent the generations of dedicated practice in this family.  I have benefited from general class instruction and individual training.  My energy, strength, flexibility and overall health have significantly improved as a direct result from his intstructions.  I am forturnate to have found this knowledgeable, helpful and friendly yoga teacher in Vienna.  I strongly recommend Neel as a yoga teacher for any serious student.

Denny Grossman
February 2007

Denny Grossman

Suresh Nadkarni, Homeopathy Expert and Pulse Researcher, Dhayari, Pune, India

I attended the “Yoga For Senior Citizens” class given by Neel Kulkarni in Dhayari, Pune more than a month ago. I am 83 years old. I wish to attest that Neel’s skillful and succinct guidance during this single class has benefited me a lot. I am to now able lift my left hand which I could not lift previously. Also, I have noticed a significant improvement in my nervous system. I shall like to learn breathing techniques from Neel at some stage.


Suresh Nadkarni

Chinmayee Pai, Engineering Student, Pune, India

I had this interest in yoga since my childhood. i used to practice on my own. but then i felt that i need a experienced yoga teacher to get deep understanding of this subject, and then i met neel.. he is like the best (i wish i cud use the word "bestest") thing that is happened to my life. each class is unpredictable, which makes it fun to learn. i never did see some of his concept like "happy face" in any of the yoga classes.. yoga now has become from being 'my passion' to 'way of living for me'..

8 December 2011

Chinmayee Pai

Iliana Quander, Dancer and Artist, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

I think of you every day and prayed for you all during your difficult time. things you have taught continue to serve as a roadmap for my life. i'm not always good at keeping in touch through other means. hope all is well with you and nancy.

14 December 2011

Neel Kulkarni is a gift to those people who are interested in the history, philosophy and practice of Classical Yoga. His 'Health and Yoga System' has an unbelieveably sound foundation based on years of study and personal experience. It is both unique and innovative. His knowledge of both classical and contemporary texts and methods is extensive and he shows true scholarship in the sense that he remains well-informed about the different styles, methods and approaches to yoga. No matter the level of experience, Neel is able to help his students put their yoga learning experience into the correct context based on goals they set for themselves. Goals may be as simple as losing 5 pounds or more involved such as the study of Sanskrit and Chanting as it relates to Hatha Yoga. In an environment where there is an increasing amount of interest and talk of Yoga and equally, vast misunderstandings and/or misconceptions about it based on either lack of information or inability to put it into context, Neel remains firm in teaching Yoga based on it's original intentions but as they apply to our present-day lives. Neel's strength as a teacher is his practicality. Although he is aware of and very much rooted in theory, he is able (sometimes incredibly humorously) to show us how we can, most effectively, apply these theories to our lives. I've studied a little bit of everything with Neel in the past year and a half or so. I began with Sanskrit and Chanting and, later, added the Hatha Yoga classes as well as his Teacher Training, several Philosophy classes and two Meditation classes. Accomplishments that I can speak of are: I am able to chant an entire prayer in Sanskrit as well as recognize many words, my understanding of the history and purpose of Yoga has increased, my understanding of my own body and all of it's finer points has sharpened and, as a result, my poses, especially my Headstand, have improved. I dance as well and I have found that the combination of Yoga and Dance is a good one that has allowed for better ease of movement and, indirectly, clarity of thought. 'Authentic yoga' is truly a good name for Neel's style. It is unique in it's approach but also, graspable, practical and truly, truly 'wholistic'. Iliana Quander, Washington, DC


Iliana Quander

Hemant Gore, IT Professional, Pune, India

I have been a student of Neel Kulkarni for the past 4 years. I first came to him for a private lesson for solving my back problems. On following the given instruction, the back problem was solved, with no recurrence to-date. Later, i joined his regular classes as he returned to Indian starting his operation in Pune around one year ago. Since then, I have lost unwanted weight, gotten fitness, good understanding of Yoga topics including Philsophy, Chanting, variety of advanced asanas, and company of great Yoga students. Additionally, I have become a close friend of Neel outside of the classroom. It has definitely enriched my life.

One good point about Neel is that he understands the difference of individual nature and treats him/her accordingly to overcome their difficulties.

18 December 2011

Hemant Gore

Cécile Poyet, Virginia and California, USA

"Neel has been my yoga instructor since 2007. He has taught me the most fundamental yoga concepts and practices. This has deeply changed my life – changes that will stay with me forever. Besides the most visible benefits related to better quality of sleep and healthier eating habits, I have seen myself becoming a calmer, more balanced, peaceful and satisfied person. Every day, I enjoy exploring my spirituality and divine nature further. These evolutions would not have been possible without Neel’s dedication, patience and teachings. I am very grateful to him for being my yoga instructor and to life for having made our paths cross. May every person on a spiritual path find such a helpful source of inspiration and universal love."

24 December 2011

Hi Neel, Thank you so much for offering me a special last yoga class. I am sorry I had to miss your class today and had not been able to say goodbye properly. However, I would like you to know that it does not change anything to the wonderful teaching you have been giving to me over the past months. Many things have been changing in my life in a very positive way since I started yoga classes with you. And I know I still have many things to learn, which is great. I feel very lucky I met you and Nancy. You are both very special people and you really became my "yoga family", as Nancy once said. I have been enjoying every time I have been sharing with you. Thank you very much again for offering me a yoga class tonight or tomorrow. I will not be able to make it, not only because I have to finish packing my stuff and have no car anymore, but also because I do not like goodbyes much :-) Take great care of you both of you. I will certainly give you news from California.

Namaste, Cecile

June 21, 2008

Before starting yoga courses with Neel, I had been thinking for more than one year about doing yoga. I probably did not dare to try because I was aware that it could open things in me that would be over my control, like when I studied philosophy in college.
Finally, after moving to Northern Virginia, and knowing that I would stay in the area for a little while, I though that I should really give a try. I had a look on Internet and found Neel’s website. I sent him an e-mail and, ten days later, had my first course of yoga. I liked it right away. At that time in my life, I was looking for a new approach about food, exercise, and mental balance. I read Neel’s book and understood right away that yoga could help me significantly. I also understood that everyone has to find his/her own approach. Yoga is something really personal and individual.
This is the reason why Neel is doing a fantastic job. He is able to share with his students his own knowledge of yoga, to provide them guidelines and, ultimately, to help them find their own way. He is always willing to answer their questions: questions directly linked to practice, but also questions about the more global discipline that yoga is – life, death, sleep, emotions...while having a realistic and wide enough approach so everyone can find his/her own way. Philosophy lessons are, in that regard, a privileged time to exchange ideas and develop a wider understanding of yoga. I personally found many answers and formulated many questions while reading Neel’s book, Health and Yoga Aphorisms, of Saee Tech, The Authentic Yoga School with Commentary.
I am currently traveling extensively for my job. I miss Neel’s courses but I was lucky enough to meet him at a calmer time in my life during which I built the ability to practice on my own. I am also very lucky I read his book. I come from France and, after more than one year in the US, I was still not satisfied with the way I was feeding myself. Speaking with Neel and reading his book opened my eyes. I understood that the purpose for me should not be to fight calories and pounds but, instead, to make sure that I feed my body properly. The same thing was true about my mind. I understood that activity, although everywhere in our society, was not necessarily what I should be looking for all the time. I learnt how to relax, close my eyes, pay attention to my body, ear how I feel inside. For me, it has been the first step to a more balanced life.
The exciting thing is that I know I still have many things to learn from Neel. Yoga can be an entire life. I want to explore the very wide possibilities it offers for a more satisfying and meaningful life. I know Neel will help me in this project.
Cécile Poyet

Boston, 12/14/2007

Cécile Poyet

Ashna Bhatia, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I think Neel is very nice as a person . He is not just a yoga teacher in my life but my mentor ,who gave my life new aspects .He is a keen observer .I am a very careless person from my nature and I never used to accept my mistakes. Within the one hour daily class Neel observed all these flaws in me and helped me to get rid of them . I am really blessed to have him in my life....

28 December 2011

Ashna Bhatia

Ashka Soni, Chemical Engineering Student, Pune, India

I personally feel that neel's class is very special since it not only gives u fitness but he also helps to give emotional stability in your life . Also he is a inspiration to us all since he is a very hardworking person himself . Apart from all that whenever he makes you feel that you are part of family . A lot of places can give you weight loss or whatever else you are looking for but he teaches you to always keep smiling . thank u neel

27 December 2011

Ashka Soni

Hanna Mae Owens, Psychology Student, Virginia, U.S.A.

Neel, Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me and teach me on this trip. I am very lucky to he able to learn from you. I am amazed by your knowledge and generosity. I look forward to learning from you in the future.

January 2012

Hanna Mae Owens

Zac Herman, Philosophy Major, and Management Graduate, Virginia, U.S.A.

From Vietnam: I hope your yoga school is doing well. I continue to experience the benefits of my previous yoga and meditation practice with you on a daily basis, even though it has been nearly 10 years!

August 2012

Zac Herman

Pradeepa Rao, Homemaker, Pune, India

Hello. My name is Pradeepa Rao. I have been student of Neel Sir. I first came to him for my health issuses. I realise that my problemshave been solved. I really thank to Neel Sir. I want to start yoga classess with him, he is now in Mysore.i like his teaching method.

December 2012

Pradeepa Rao