Teachers Training

Important Note

What you should know if you wish to study with me?

1. You are a student and not a customer/client. This means, you will be treated as a student and not be respected as a customer/client.

2. If you are a good student, you will be loved as a family. This means, good students are given more love than not so good students.

3. If you are not a student, you are not welcome.

4. Whatever you pay me is for my time and not for your satisfaction. Of course, if you are satisfied, that fact shall be used for advertising. All fees are not refundable in general.

5. You must take a private lesson with me before joining any of my classes, whether group class or private class or teacher training. Only workshops can be joined without taking a private lesson.

6. I do not charge same fees to all students. So, there is no point in discussing the fees with others. But, if you get a discount and you tell others that discount, I shall charge you extra.

7. I expect you to pay me whatever agreed fees before you take the first lesson. If I am giving you FREE class, I shall tell you myself and also make chai for you.

8. If you have any issues including issues with me, you should discuss them as early as possible. If you do not inform me them, I shall assume you have no issues.

9. If you are doing Teacher Training with me, I am in charge of most of your Teacher Trainee Life. You must comply with whatever I assign, otherwise you should smile at not getting certified.

10. I want you to be a better Yogi than myself!

OM ShantiH.


An interested teacher trainee should discuss his/her situation with Neel Kulkarni in terms of location, timing, finance, topics of learning, type of certificate, background, etc. This is generally done via one Private Class in person or over the Skype video conference.

Teacher Training is offered in many locations including U.S.A., India, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, London, Australia, New Zealand and other places. Teacher Training is also offered via Internet based upon the requirement of a student.

To contact previously certified Authentic Yoga System Teachers, to discuss your needs of teacher training, to request training at your location, and for other enquiries, contact us via email or phone.

Also, click here to see feedback from Authentic Yoga teacher trainees.

This course provides training to become a certified yoga teacher, according to the Authentic Yoga System of SaeeTech, The Authentic Yoga School. The course covers essential concepts of yoga practice and yoga teaching formulated in the Authentic Yoga System, and other topics as requested by the attending teacher trainees, based upon their previous background. SaeeTech offers several types of Teacher Training course. Some of them are described below.

The size of the Authentic Yoga System Teacher Trainees group is usually small, between 1 to 5, in order to give full attention to each individual.

About Fees

The student must approach us as a yoga student desiring to learn yoga and not as our client asking for service in return of the fees paid. We teach whatever we think is appropriate to each student, in the way we feel most appropriate considering the situation of each student. Our classes are generally very small in size, thus providing individual attention and therefore fees are somewhat higher than the average found elsewhere. But, each student is provided a fee structure based upon various factors such as economic background, contents of the training, type of certification, etc. Thus, fees are determined as a part of joining the class.




Note: The main difference between RYT and AYS training below is that RYT strictly covers the core requirements deailed by the Yoga Alliance, whereas AYS covers essential topics adding the topics requested by a teacher trainee and skipping already mastered topics.Thus, AYS and RYT address needs of particular kinds of teacher trainees. AYS training, in general, covers more topics than RYT training.
Customised AYS Teacher Training – covers specific topics in relation to teacher training for a particular group of trainees, based upon the concepts of the Authentic Yoga System. The fees for this training are not fixed. They vary based on various factors and need to be discussed with Neel Kulkarni.

AYS100 to AYS500 – 100 hrs to 500 hrs customized teacher training.

RYT200 – covers all the core requirements for the RYT 200 designation from the Yoga Alliance, alongwith the concepts of the Authentic Yoga System.

RYT300 – covers all the core requirements for the RYT 300 designation from the Yoga Alliance, alongwith the concepts of the Authentic Yoga System. This leads to RYT500 designation when done after RYT200.