SaeeTech Authentic Yoga Research Foundation

SaeeTech Authentic Yoga Research Foundation (SAYRF ®)

Government of Karnataka Approved NGO #6 3rd Cross, Gokulam Stage III. Mysore, 09320910028, 09326115388

SAYRF ® is a sister organization of SaeeTech, The Authentic Yoga School (AYS ®) registered in U.S.A. in 1998. Whereas AYS ® provides yoga instruction for all levels of yoga students and teachers, SAYRF ® serves the following purposes

  • Provide a forum and venue for the progress of Yoga Science beyond the present, by in depth study of the available resources, merging of pure sciences such as Biology, classical music, health science, etc.
  • Train Serious Yoga Students/Teachers for propagation of integrated Yoga knowledge
  • Provide Yoga as well as Science/Math/Language/ETC. education to the schooling students community for health, fitness, study skills, personality development in order to help them in achieving excellence in their individual studies.
  • Provide FREE of cost service to disadvantaged sections of society such as economically backward schools, women, low-income laborers, senior citizen, etc. Provide an NGO venue for those who wish to volunteer in this function.

With the RYS200 and RYS500 standing of AYS, internationally recognized RYT200 and RYT500 certification courses are offered. Additionally, AYS200, AYS500, and customized AYS Yoga Teacher Certification courses are offered. The AYS courses are valuable to serious yoga teacher trainees who want to develop advanced skills in the areas of their interest in addition to the standard common topics, while skipping the topics that are already studied by them.

Instead of interpretations/understanding/specifications in the name of Traditional Method, Oriental Method, Classical Method or Guru-Shishya Parampara (Guru-Disciple lineage) that is handed down over the generations, etc., in SaeeTech, while we respect traditions, we are open to review the traditional methods in the light of today’s life, today’s available database of knowledge, and today’s needs, without disturbing the classical meaning of Yoga. Instead of the focus on Health and Therapy using Yoga to the extent that the term Yoga becomes synonymous with the later, we retain distinction between the Classical Yoga and its application. Instead of a hearsay mixture of ideas from available literature as their source of information while forming a methodology, and instead of the use of only one’s own teacher as a source of all knowledge, SaeeTech uses the original Sanskrit books on Yoga, variety of Teachings in original form, and also development of Yoga over the years, and our own original or applied research, to form a methodology for the practice and teaching of Yoga. At SaeeTech, we also merge other sciences or methods based on their review and acceptance, and also applicability in the field of Yoga.