NOTE: The student must approach us as a yoga student desiring to learn yoga and not as our client asking for service in return of the fees paid. We teach whatever we think is appropriate to each student, in the way we feel most appropriate considering the situation of each student.

Following is the fee structure for “classes in India”. We do offer 0 to 100 percent discount on the fees or work exchange based on the situation. But, the situation must be satisfactorily explained to us. Fees must be paid before taking any class.

Type of ClassIndian CitizenNon Indian Citizen
Group ClassRs. 6000 per monthUS$ 300 per month
Private ClassRs. 600 per sessionUS$ 20 per session
50 Hour Teacher Rs. 30000US$ 700
100 Hour TeacherRs. 50000$ 1100
200 Hour Teacher TrainingRs. 85000US$ 1800
300 Hour Teacher TrainingRs. 120000US$ 2500
500 Hour Teacher TrainingRs.175000US$ 3600