Joining a Class


Fees: Please review the fees structure here. Discounts, work exchange, and scholarships are available to needy and deserving students. If you need a discount, inform us at the beginning without hesitation. Otherwise, all fees must be paid 24 hours before starting any class.

This is the exact procedure a student should follow to join the class:

1. Take appointment for consultation with Neel before joining a class.

2. Complete the consultation explaining your personal situation with Neel Kulkarn Please read the description of various types of classes by scrolling down this page. If necessary, go through the testimonials related to your class. Now, decide what class to join and what fees are applicable to you.

3. If you wish to join a class, submit the admission form that is available.

4. Pay for the classes you wish to join. Please do not come to classes without paying the agreed amount.

5. Start the classes 24 hours after payment.

6. Please contact us via email or sms/phone (India-9320910028) for obtaining information on scheduled classes/workshops/fees or for arranging a specific class/workshop/cost at your location. Additionally, Neel offers instruction via internet. There are also Authentic Yoga certified teachers, trained by Neel, residing in U.S.A., India, Europe, and Australia.

SaeeTech, The Authentic Yoga School has following locations:

a) San Francisco and Walnut Creek, California, U.S.A.

b) Adelaide, Australia

c) Italy  (many locations)

d) London

e) France (near Paris)

f) Mysore, India

g) Sinhagad Road (near Big Bazaar), Pune, India

h) Saint Petersburg, Russia

i) And, at times classes are taught at student locations.

Variety of Internet yoga classes including Yoga Teacher Training is available via internet, to anyone and anywhere in the world.

Group Yoga (Testimonials)

This class provides group instruction for performing yoga exercise, but with individual attention. The objective is to achieve physical fitness and health, and associated mental benefits. Physical exercises, breathing, relaxation and a small amount of meditation are included.

Group Meditation Class (Testimonials)

This workshop teaches theoretical and practical aspects of yoga meditation. This workshop provides basic understanding of meditation, practice, and modifications for individual needs.

Private Yoga Class (Testimonials)

This class provides one-on-one instruction to an individual student. It directly addresses the individual’s health issues and life circumstances, incorporating yoga exercise, meditation, breathing, chanting, and any recommended life style changes. One or more private classes may be necessary to address a given individual case, which may have any combination of physical, mental, and psychological issues. The objective is to resolve the individual issues.

Yoga Philosophy Class (Testimonials)

This workshop explains historical, theoretical and practical aspects of yoga philosophy. The specific content of the class varies depending of the needs of attending persons. Some of the of the previous workshops have focused on the overview of Yoga Philosophy, and detailed study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Shrimad Bhagavadgita.

Yoga for Psychological Issues (Testimonials)

This is a private yoga class which addresses an individual’s psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. The instruction includes counselling, active help, and any associated yoga practice, in order to resolve the individual issue.

Yoga Chanting and Mantras Class (Testimonials)

This workshop explains theoretical and practical aspects of chanting and mantras as related to yoga. The workshop provides understanding of chanting and mantras, and practice in chanting. Please consider Chanting as essential element of Yoga practice.

Children’s Yoga Class (Testimonials)

This is a fun-filled yoga class for children of various ages. It teaches focusing, stress relief, strength, balance, and confidence.

Yoga For Weight Loss (Testimonials)

This is a group class for persons with the “weight” and associated problems. You would not feel shy or embarassed as all the students in this class have the “weight” problem! Instruction includes exercise, meditation, counseling, nutrition advice, and whatever needed to address “weight” related issues. You shall overcome the weight related issues!

If you have a weight issue,

please click here.

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Please click here if you want to be overweight!

Yoga For Senior Citizens (Testimonials)

This is a group class for senior citizens. Instruction includes exercise, meditation, discussion on life issues, philosophy, therapeutic considerations, etc. It helps senior citizens to lead happy, healthy, self reliant, and meaningful life.

Yogi T. Krishnamachar Pratishthan within SaeeTech, The Authentic Yoga School – Yoga At School (Testimonials)

This life time project performs teaching Yoga at Indian schools whether paid or not. This life time project is named “Yogi T. Krishnamachar Pratishthan” after the name of a great Yogi T. Krishnamachar whose wish to invoke Yoga at Indian schools was only partially satisfied. The project and its status are described via this Facebook event.