Yoga Post 1020 – Importance of Yoga Teacher and Student

Yoga is supposed to be immortal because it has lasted for long long time and is believed to last long long time as well. But, why is Yoga immortal?

Many persons believe that Yoga is such a think that it helps each and every individual, regardless of their any kind of status. And, that is why it is immortal.

What about pure water and pure air? Do they not help each and every individual for the time immemorable? Of course they do, but they are not immortal? Pure water is very hard to get and has to be purchased. I do not want to think same for the pure air. Let me know where I can find pure air.

Yoga is useful no doubt and it is always useful to everyone. But, that is not why it is immortal. Yoga is immortal because of its continuation that has happened due to great Yoga teachers and great yoga students.

But, in my personal opinion, yoga has continued more due to great yoga students than due to great yoga teachers. So, I salute my great yoga students and I feel fortunate that I have had quite a few great yoga students so far.

OM ShantiH.

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