Adhiyoga – Authentic Yoga System® is a system of Yoga practice and teaching developed by Neel Kulkarni.
Adhiyoga aims at individual goals keeping the traditional yoga intact.
It incorporates arts, music, modern physiology, modern psychology, science, and ancient wisdom to form a refined approach.
It performs research to enhance the Yoga Shastra (science) and to correct undesirable practices.
Yoga for Schools
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  • Teacher Training

    NeelMeditationClass2 Internationally accredited & customized. Produce high quality teachers . Read more»
  • Unique Yoga Instruction

    Padmasana Individual goals and needs addressed through a variety of classes. Read more»
  • Adhiyoga® Book


    Adhiyoga is a comprehensive guide to the 21st century Yoga student. Available now! Learn More »

  • Yoga Counseling

    Pscho Counselling Resolution of Physical, Mental and Spiritual situations. Read more »
  • Yoga Research

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    Refinement of Yoga Shastra incorporating all associated subjects. Read more »

  • Yoga For Schools


    Yoga for health-fitness, personality& study skills. FREE to poor schools. Read More»

  • Chanting For Yoga


    Please consider Chanting as essential element of Yoga practice. Learn More »

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